Monday, May 28, 2012

Home and Garden Expo-Darla Treehouse

The Home and Garden Expo is ending tonight (12am SLtime).  I've had so much fun with this event and had the best intentions of blogging daily-damn you rl.  With 14 sims, it's kind of hard to cover everything you love in two blog posts but I'm sure I'll be posting expo stuff after it's over.

One of my favorite rides/attractions at Disneyland was the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse (the other being Pirates in case you were wondering).  I have memories of when I was 5 or 6 going up the treehouse and imagined myself touching the stars at night.  The ride changed to Tarzan's Treehouse 15 years ago or so-lame but whatever.  

As some of you know, I'm a prefab whore so I had to have the Darla Treehouse by HomeKraft because yeah, any treehouse reminds me of the Robinson Family (Swiss).  I kind of went a little crazy styling this one.  How many different store items can you fit in one room?!  Quite a lot, actually.

Here is the rope going up to the tree and here is me climbing up the rope.  

Blue is my color right now.  I want everything in blue so I love that the Darla Treehouse is blue on both the exterior and interior. 

The room is quite big-I like to separate big areas into different living spaces.  

More great stuff from {what next} in the Living Room area. 

The adorable prints in the corner are by {Kiro} and available at UrbanARTs at the Expo.  She also has some stuff in the latest round of the The Gallery Gift Shop.

One of my favorite new stores I discovered at the Expo (new to me) is Melino Style on the UrbanizeD sim.  I love the Moroccan colors and style of their decor.

I have a ton of hodgepodge stuff from Lisp so I decided to use the boho bed for the bedroom space.

I was eyeing this sofa by [LeeZu!] all week and I finally got it.  The two prints are freebies from UrbanARTs.

Finally, I went a little crazy at the Zanzo store on the {what next sim}.  I bought several things by *KKPW* (Knick Knack Paddy Whack-by creators of Zanzo) including this awesome chairbarrow.

If you have any time today, try to spend a few at the Expo-so many great finds this year. Thanks to everyone who put on such a fantastic event!

Note:  I put a star next to all the items that I didn't get at the Expo
house:  Darla Treehouse
*landscape-UrbanizeD (my go-to place for grass!)

chairbarrow:  *KKPW*
*bistro set:  Dreamscapes Art Gallery
finch's birdbox:  *KKPW*-RFL item

raindrop curtains:  Insight Designs
jardin magnifique sofa and studio fur carpet:  [LeeZu!]
wall paintings:  Piedra Lubitsch -freebies at UrbanARTs
antique book piles:  Sweet Sorrows
octagon side table:  Melino Style
shoji lamp:  *KKPW*

Bedroom Space
villa park door screen:  fucifino
hengsha cubby hole:  *KKPW*
love letters desk:  Thistle
wall tree:  Prime-RFL item
*hodgepodge bed-blue boho:  Lisp
*bookcase:  Tranquility Way Station (TWS)
row of books:  Sweet Sorrows

Kitchen Space
tiled block table and chairs and vivid silk rug:  Melino Style
Marmiton Collection, bowl and vase and tosta amore:  *KKPW*
*sweet moonstone frige:  LeBloom
*traditional hearth console, woodburning stove and fancy cake:  Lisp
retro kitchen prints:  {what next}
asian arte rug:  Prime

Chill/Music/Book/TV Space
loungin chair & a half, loungin floor pillows (RFL items), fleeftone retro record player, and pile of vinyl:  {what next}
*vintage tv:  Lisp
studio fur carpet:  [LeeZu!]
*estate sale bookstack:  Clutter-Retirement sale through June 10!!!
*messy stack of books:  Designer Prims
lost angel 1 & 2 prints:  [AH] at UrbanARTs
text art:  The Gallery Gift Shop

Door Corner
trash to treasures rug:  ~La'Licious~
*eastleigh yoga mat:  CP
lullaby sand timer table:  Lisp
eco cup (sound of coffee):  *KKPW*
*summertime bicycle pose prop:  {what next}
trouble and modern day dino prints:  {Kiro} at UrbanARTs-RFL items
*the fox panda duo print:  {Kiro}at The Gallery Gift Shop

bodhi bonsai:  .:buddhabeats:.-RFL item
light up Joe-chandelier:  elefantu

top:  draped crop tee, ISON 
shorts:  frill shorts, *GF*
hair:  late at night, Exile at TDRB-New

Friday, May 11, 2012

work Space

My name is Epione and I have a problem hoarding fabric, art supplies (especially watercolor paper, prismacolor markers and pencils) and beads!  Oh yeah, and art books.  I have a ton of them.

Of course I'm talking about real life because in SL I hoard hair, skin, and prefabs.  I don't think my fabric/bead/art supply habit will ever get me on a hoarders' show though.  I'll scale down before that ever happens.

When I sew in rl i have to do it barefoot.

Basically, I need more space.  And why not dream big-I need my own studio which actually is a possibility in the not too distant future (a little bird whispered this to me).  But for now, I will dream and create my own work space in SL.

As I posted the pics for the post, I laughed because I kind of crammed everything together which is just like my work space in rl.

dress:  -tb-, Daydream babydoll@Collabor88-New
tights:  Vershe, Random Tights
hair:  Clawtooth, Kinda Shy @Collabor88-New
skin:  Curio, Jewel Gold Tones
pose:  Olive Juice, Stay Sassy

Home Decor
drafting table, closet:  Zigana
rugs:  Zigana @ Culture Shock-New
sewing machine and table:  Cleo Design
sewing supplies (fabric bolts, yardstick, patterns, piles of fabric and basket o' thread):  Second Spaces
cutting table and round rug:  Urbanized
umbrella lamp: Lisp @ CultureShock-New
Mathilde Sewing Basket:  Lisp
baskets:  theosophy
Mimi's Mannequin:  {what next} 
mirror:  [North West]
magazines:  OBF

Wall Art 
New York Bus Scroll, The Loft
Art Deco - La Chanteuse de Jazz, Qiao Ling Fashion @ Marketplae
Art Deco - New York, Qiao Ling Fashion @ Marketplace
Vintage Vogue Poster, O's Decor @ Marketplace
TA Van Gogh 1, msw Tomorrow @ Marketplace

floors:  Limehouse, farmhouse
walls:  Insight Designs, Moulded Stucco