Sunday, July 27, 2014

Short Hair Rules!

I'm about to embark on a great adventure...with my hair.  There comes a time in every girl's life when she has to get highlights.  My time has come.  I've been doing research on salons around my area and I've decided that I want to go to this trendy shop that gets high praise on yelp (Yeah, I know, you can't always trust yelp).  I'm going to get my hair cut too and hope that I leave there without spending $300. Yikes!  I'm used to spending, well, not that much on my hair.  (and btw, I tend to write about rl stuff as boring as that seems).

So this leads to an interesting discussion I had with someone a couple of weeks ago. Actually, it wasn't really a discussion.  It was him telling me his opinion even though I didn't ask for it.

This person (who shall remain nameless) commented to me that my hair was getting long and that it looked really good.  I think that was a compliment, right?  So I thanked him and said that I was going to get it cut soon, not going into details of what kind of cut or how short etc.  And he practically jumped down my throat. "Why would you want to ruin the only thing you have going for you"?  He then proceeded to tell me that men don't like short hair and that he sees so many women who ruin their looks by cutting their hair short.  I swear, I didn't know if I should have laughed...or cried.  And umm...does he know what all men like?

So I started asking around and it turns out people are all over my place regarding hair length and attractiveness.  Yes, many men prefer long hair but many of them also like short hair.

I have long hair (little longer than mid-back length) and it's kind of thick.  I say "kind of" because I started losing my hair in 2008.  I have no idea why but then it suddenly stopped falling out.  It tends to do this when I 'm stressed out which is basically all the time! People tell me they can't tell that my hair looks thinner-I hope so.  But I definitely know it's about 50% less thick then it used to be.

So I will ignore what this person says and get my hair cut shoulder length (maybe even shorter-gasp!) and get me some highlights. I'm thinking of some deep reds but who knows.  (and if you're wondering why I didn't tell this person off, it's because you can't get into disagreements with him.  Because even if you're right, you won't win and will most likely end up in tears).

Let's celebrate short hair!  And remember Hair Fair is almost over (and by the time I publish this it probably will be).

hair:  sYs, lio @ Hair Fair
dress:  Fishy Strawberry (yay!), carthage dress @ FaMESHed
pose:  EverGlow (remember, there is sale going on!!!)
skin:  Glam Affair, Lilith-arctic
place:  The Trace (great place to take photos)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hair Fair 2014

I am always so late on blogging these events.  *sigh*  Here are some my favorites from Hair Fair. More to come...

hair (from top to bottom):  [kik], tasha; Eaters Coma, hair 52, [INK], mary; .Shi, chic; @ Hair Fair through tomorrow, July 27
dress:  Sn@tch, callie doll-50%-75% sale through July 28th!!
skin:  *YS&YS*, jenie
pose:  EverGlow-50% Summer Sale!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summertime Breedables Fair 2014

Hello!  The Summertime Breedables Fair is back and starts July 2 through July 16, benefiting Relay for Life.  This is your chance to test the waters for new furry friends. Step out of your Kittycat comfort zone.  The theme for this summer's fair is The Wizard of Oz-If I Only Had a Cure so expect a lot of yellow brick roads and flying monkeys.  I especially like the row of lollipops.  

I have to admit that I'm no expert on breedables.  Afters several years of having kittycats, I think I finally understand the whole breeding thing.  Did you know that some breedables also have a game component?  I did not know this.  But then again, I don't know many things.  But I intend to find out in the next couple of weeks at the Beedables Fair.  

Gothic Breedables?  Yes, please!  And I want this unicorn!

There will be limited edition breedables, opportunities to meet the creators, a Flying Monkey Hunt, silent auction, and great entertainment plus lots more!  There are several free gifts including some starter packs.  I will check back later and post again as I don't think all the creators have finished setting up shop.  Have a great day secondLifers!

Here's your taxi (but not until tomorrow, July 2):  Summertime Breedables Fair

Monday, April 28, 2014


dress and shoes:  Has Been, nostalgia dress and dizzy peeptoes @The Monochromatic Fair
hair:  Truth, lottie
skin:  League, aria
hands:  Slink
pose:  Focus Poses
place:  Imagin@rium

Friday, December 13, 2013


sometimes I feel irrelevant.

when Nelson Mandela passed, a friend and I were discussing how we wanted to make an impact on the world.  Not for the recognition but personally, we wanted to make the world a better place. Of course, as an individual, I know I could never have an impact like Madiba but I can make my own community a better place to live.  I can treat the person standing next to me with more respect.

Next time I feel irrelevant, I'm going to pack food at the Food Bank or take dogs for a walk at the animal shelter.  I probably won't feel so irrelevant after that.

dress and hair:  Exile, mesh hooded dress @The Arcade-December
pose:  Del May
place:  Notre Dame Cathedral

Monday, September 30, 2013

Poetica, Ivy Tower and The Arcade

The Arcade for September is ending tonight.  I'm finally getting around to blogging all the fun stuff this round (which I'm sure you've seen in a million other posts.).  Also, I've been meaning to post about Poetica's Ivy Tower.  It's lovely!  

Ivy Tower:  Poetica
dogwood and arcacia trees (New!), tiger lilies:  [Organica]
grass:  Kidd Creation

First Floor
The Arcade-September
craft center-*Second Spaces*, stools-Aria, lamps-, bookshelves, "quote" wall art, tots tv-The Loft, sitting dolls-u.f.o, trunks-barnsworth anubis, books-Lark, jute natural rug-Apple Fall, hanging elephant and beads-Zigana, chandelier silhouette-Common Grounds, cookies, strawberry milk and glasses-Pilot

coffee:  o.m.e.n @TheSeasonsStory
charlotte woodburning stove:  {what next}
rustic pantry and scraps table:  *Second Spaces*
plank table and crates, and grey flowers rug:  BoatHouse
glass picture set:  Dreamscapes Art Gallery
summertide sofa:  [*Art Dummy!]
phone and seahorse candle:  %Percent Furniture and Lighting

Second Floor
The Arcade-September
bed-Art Dummy, sideboard and cabinet, plant, boat, vanity and decor, jute natural rug-Apple Fall, record player-Floorplan, trunks/boxes-Barnsworth Anubis [ba], novelty nightlights-Intrigue Co., bon voyage clock radio and memo boards-Tres Blah, bookshelves-Alouette, wall art "quotes"-Sway's, books-Lark, stools-[Aria], lamps-Trompe Loeil, porcelain fairies-Baistice, studio chair-Hucci, sitting doll-u.f.o

incense bowl, seltzer bottle, phone and seahorse lamp:  %Percent Furniture and Lighting
rug:  BoatHouse
bennie small chest:  Second Spaces

The Arcade-September
pwnies-silentsparrow, plushie puppies, Intrigue, books, Lark, stool-[Aria], crafts on the go-Second Spaces,

kepler telescope:  Lisp
crate seats:  Dreamscapes Art Gallery
autumn evening blanket and stove:  art Dummy and Flowey @TheSeasonsStory

purple bunny pajamas-Intrigue Co.-New!
akiko hair:  Wasabi Pills @TheSeasonsStory

Monday, September 9, 2013


skin:  Glam Affair, shanna @Collabor88
hair:  Truth, lyma
dress and jacket:  (NO), buffalo plaid maxi dress and denim jacket @Collabor88
necklace:  Kosh, tricos necklace
hands:  Slink
nails:  Flair
poses:  Purple Poses, vivien