Thursday, February 10, 2011

light on your arm and bring a wild Gift

I first heard of Swan Ling and Argyle Anonymous when her RL sister, Elle Kirshner of Second Spaces, plurked about Swan's Spring fashions. They are simply adorable. I went back to her shop and basically bought almost everything. My favorites are her tops and button up shirts because they fit me perfectly! I usually have to fiddle with many items in my closet (inventory) to get them to fit right (not that there's anything wrong with that). Swan's prices are very affordable-you will be pleasantly surprised and I'm sure you will be tempted, as I was, to buy Everything! I was even inspired to make a pattern (real/first life) that looks very similar to the denim skirt (see top pic).

"I send a light to shine on you
I send a light to shine around you"
-Belly (I couldn't think of a title so I used a song lyric from one of my favorite bands)

All clothes, glasses and jewelry from Argyle Anonymous
place: Eternal Return
hair: Truth, Kymberly
shoes: J's, Real Toe Wrap Front Sandals

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