Thursday, October 25, 2012

Collabor88 Blogger Contest

For some reason I didn't know about this contest until yesterday.  Contests make me nervous especially these blogger challenges mainly because I know I don't have a chance in hell of winning.  I'm not purposely being a pessimist but with so many extremely talented bloggers out there, well, the competition is tough!  But since Collabor88 is one of my fave sl events, I decided to enter. And besides, contests are good to enter just for the practice and to keep you on your toes.

The challenge is to use 8 items from any of the Collabor88 cycles.  I did that.  For slurls, I put the store's main location unless the items are from this month's Collabor88.  Only one image is allowed for the contest.

skin:  [Ill] Illusory, Love-Caramel, Shindig-Collabor88, June
hair:  LaViere, Katie in Browns @Collabor88, October
poses:  Marukin, Cinnabar-Collabor88, July and Flambe @Collobar88, October
dress:  -tb-, Daydream Babydoll in Mint-Collabor88, May
shoes:  Ingenue, Jive Wedge in Citrius-Collabor88, June
earrings:  Noodles, Plastic Star Earrings in Peach @Collabor88
bracelet:  Noodles, Plastic Heart Bangle in Green @Collabor88
tree seat:  Lisp, Tree Seat Petunia-Collabor88, March

other items:
tree:  *alirium*, Sakura A Pink

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cinema-Apple Fall

Apple Fall has recreated Sophie's workroom from Howl's Moving Castle for Cinema! What could be better?!

For those of you have never experienced the pure awesomeness of Hayao Miyazaki's movies, you really are missing out.  I first heard of Miyazaki after seeing Kiki's Delivery Service which is my favorite.  Howl's Moving Castle is my second favorite.  If you're expecting a Disney film, than you might be disappointed.  The stories are very different but some of the lessons are similar.  The animation is gorgeous.

For Apple Fall's workroom, you get a near duplicate of Sophie's workspace where she made hats.  Howl (the wizard) also recreated her workroom in his castle (the moving one).  Well, you will just have to see the movie to know what I'm talking about!  There's an optional accessories package for the workroom.  Lots of fun stuff.  You can see all of it at Apple Fall's location in the Fantasy/Musical section at Cinema.

The dress I'm wearing is from Dilly Dolls also at Cinema in the Horror section.

All decor is from Apple Fall unless noted below
sophie's workroom and decor:  Apple Fall @Cinema-Fantasy/Musical
dress:  Dilly Dolls, This is Halloween-ish @Cinema-Horror
hair:  Laviere, Miki @Collabor88
shoes:  Ingenue, Cindy @Collabor88
pose:  Marukin, Flambe @Collabor88

Other Decor Items:
stool/chair:  Art Dummy, Rusty Silver Drafting Chair
plant and stool:  Tatty Soup, Milking Stool Snake Plant
chair:  Cheeky Pea, Elanor
poufs:  Tatty Soup, The Quiet Corner

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tickets Please!

"Everything I learned I learned from the movies." -Audrey Hepburn

When I heard that the people behind the Hottie Cooterati Experience were planning an event based on movie genres and celebrating the movie going experience, I definitely wanted to blog the event.  I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that one one way I escape the stress and exhaustion of day to day living is to go the movies.  There's something exciting about sitting in a theatre for two hours and being totally engaged in what is up on that big screen.  And yes, popcorn, diet coke and chocolate are an excellent addition!

The Cinema build is incredible.  When you land there, it really does seem like one of those massive multiplex theaters you see in New York City or San Francisco (or wherever you happen to live).  I especially love the snack bar (figures, right?) and the carpet-the carpet looks just like the carpet you see in the theaters.

Enough talk!  Hopscotch has several adorable pose sets in the SciFi section.  I love the whimsy of Beam Me Up.  I'm not a huge SciFi fan but I can watch Alien and Aliens over and over again.

More to come...lots more!  Cinema opens TODAY (not sure on the time) and will run through October 27th. This is really a great shopping experience and event.  Don't miss it!

dress:  Eclectic Apparel, sciFi dress in Pink @Cinema SciFi
hair:  Mina, Ursula @Cinema Action/Adventure
pose:  Hopscotch, Beam me Up @Cinema SciFi
boots:  Schadenfreude, Carnaby in sea