Monday, June 10, 2013

Prefabulous: Voronoi House

So I had a whole bunch of stuff from the h&g expo that I unpacked but haven't been able to blog (sorry creators!).  And just because the expo is over doesn't mean we all still can't go crazy with house and furniture hoarding, right?  [bauwerk] created an interesting house for the event and though it's a little too modern for me, I still like the lines and shape of this build.

I took a beginning building class with DeAnn Dufaux (Park Place) at Builders Brewery awhile ago. She was a great instructor, easy to follow and patient with all the follow-questions.  And no, I haven't built anything since the class.  *sad face*

There were a couple creators and shops that were new to me at the expo but then again, I'm a little behind when it comes to sl current events.  I should log in more often.

One thing I have a plethora of in my inventory are zataku tables.  Whenever I see one I like, I always get it-Always.  And screen/room dividers, I have a lot of those too.  The table/sushi set and screen are made by Roawenwood.  And speaking of sushi, I went to a Japanese restaurant a couple of weeks ago and the food was terrible!  I was tempted to write a review on yelp but I never did.  I'm not one to complain very much.

Anyways, I hope everyone is having a great June so far.  The weather has been crazy for the past couple of days in my part of the world.

voronoi house, wooden cabinet (redwood):  [bauwerk]
low slatted dining room table set, asian inspired latticed screen, sushi plates:  .Roawenwood::
sandalwood sofa/table combo, rug:  Spargel & Shine
city lamp:  chiC buildings store
victorian brass bedstead,  bella 2 bedside tables and lamps:  Katy's Kreations
bethany drop-leaf desk and chair, plants, fire escape shelf:  Park Place
mid-century armoire: %Furniture and Lighting
leather armchair and bell lamp:  Kuro
carved grandfather clock:  West Studio
oriental thinking bench:  ˜*˜Inspired˜*˜

Monday, June 3, 2013

Prefabulous: Sandpiper Cottage (or summing up the Home and Garden Expo 2013)

Have you ever noticed how time is slipping away?  Or is it just me?  When I was younger, I thought time went by soo slowly.  Like "how am ever going to get through 6th grade?" type of slow.  But now, time just flies by.  I wish I could go back to my 6th grade self and tell her to savor up every minute because tomorrow it will just be gone.  We can't stop time so we might as well embrace it.

Anyhoo, for some reason, I thought I had another week for the h&G Expo but nope, it ends tonight probably as I write this.  But I still have so much stuff to blog!  So instead of giving you the slurLs of the expo, I'll just provide taxis to the main stores.

On to the important stuff.  I love *Funky*Junk's Sandpiper Cottage.  But then again, I love all her homes.

I've been an admirer of Carlotta Ceawlin and her shop Dreamscapes Art Gallery. Remember that event that happened every Monday?  I think it was called Moody Mondays.  My favorite items were always from Dreamscapes.

My attempts at shadows are very sad I know.  My little macbook pro just can't handle shadows but I refuse to give up!  Please check out %Furniture and Lighting-Plato Novo is always creating something interesting.

The first items I bought when I started getting into the whole home and garden stuff in sl were from {what next}.  I'm hoping she will build more houses because, well, I'm a house hoarder.

We can never have enough garden tables (at least I can't).  This one is from Soul Effects. The dress garden is from MeadowWorks.  I couldn't find a main store lm for MeadowWorks but I'm hoping she'll open an inworld store soon.

The birdbath is created by Robin Sojourner Wood.  She is also the creator of my FAVORITE tarot deck, The Robin Wood Tarot.  And speaking of tarot, here is a plug for all my tarot posts.  I'm currently working on the Emperor and Empress.  For older ones just type in tarot in the search box on my blog.

I'm sorry I didn't blog the Home and Garden expo in a timely matter.  Time just got away from me.  Please check out all these talented creators at their main shops or on the marketplace!

*Funky*Junk*, Sandpiper Cottage

**forest feast**:  sweet memory tree, Sylvains Tree A&B, spring field grass purple, old rose Trellis pole purple, Sylvains Moss A&B
[Organica]:  mesh tulips 1
[DDD]:  Grape Trellis, Paper Lanterns, Cattails
[Circa]:  French Persuasion Garden Table and Chairs Set
~JD Creations~:  USPS Mailbox (couldn't find a mainstore lm)
Persnickity:  Pots of Ivy (RFL), Potted Dandelions
R(S)W:  Flowerpot Bird Bath
MeadowWorks:  Fancy Schmancy Fleurs-Dress Garden, Garden Stone
Soul Effects:  Gardening Table
*- ReACT -*:  Romantic Tree Swing
{what next}:  Garden Cafe in Pink

**Dreamscapes Art Gallery**:  Charlotte Table, pink pouf and lilac chair; shutter, *Fleur* set,
[bauwerk]:  wood duck, rustic table and stools Redwood, jar, decorative art books 1&2
Chiana Oh:  DIY Shelves
Second Spaces:  Honeycomb Wall Art (RFL), bennie small chest
*Katy's Kreations:  Bianca Kitchen Work Island
%Percent Furniture & Lighting:  Pitcher of Tulips-Lavender and Pink
Cobblestone Home and Garden:  Sunshine Pictures
Cleo Design:  bed and wall lanterns 
chiC:  books and wine
*Shabby Tabby:  Pretty girl Table