Saturday, October 30, 2010

pirate booty

In case you're still looking for that all too perfect costume that represents you in all your dysfunctional glory (Hey, be proud of your "issues". I'm proud of mine!), Bare Rose has some great stuff at great prices. I'm wearing Pirates Daughter which comes in three colors. Whether it's because my favorite ride is Pirates of the Caribbean or because of Johnny Depp, I've always had this romantic fascination with pirates.

Or it could have been that ex-lover who wore an eye patch. (You have to be so careful of those eye patch wearers!)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

the Crazies

I had a little meltdown tonight so I checked myself into the Rackingham State Hospital.

I was subjected to all types of horrible experiments.

They finally put me in the panic room.

Check in at your own risk. You may never get out.

dress: Artilleri (clearance sale in the park through November 3!), Auntie Elsie
skin: Miasnow , mini-mania and lucky board

*this post was in no way meant to offend, make fun of, or disrespect the mentally ill*

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


This is for all the beautiful souls we have lost in the past several months because hatred and racism still exist.

gay, straight,
black, white,
same struggle,
same fight
It's so true. What would this world be like if we were all the same? Yeah, I don't want to think about that kind of world...ever. So that's why I'm wearing purple today.

(and for all my lgbt friends in nyc whom I miss with all my heart)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

franken baby!

Frankenstein always frightened me growing up. I remember seeing the movie many times before the age of ten (the old black and white version). Something about this mumbling human monster with bolts sticking out of his neck, well, scared the crap out of me.

The scene with the monster and the child always disturbed me but I never understood why-one minute the little girl was there and the next minute she was gone. Also, when the villagers are running through town with their torches, I was afraid for the monster.

I saw the movie recently (well, in the last 10 years maybe) and I found it very sad. The monster was a very lonely and tortured soul. And what does this have to do with anything? I got a notecard last night that Flippery, Skinthesis, Evie's Closet, Angelwing Designs and No Strings Attached have collaborated to create an awesome and amazing FrankenFae (part monster, part fairy)!!

I'm wearing the frankenfae skin in green and the dress by Angelwings. Each store has a board with everything you need (skin, hair, dress, and accessories) but I've included an LM for all the stores.

skin and hair: Skinthesis
bolts: Frippery
ethereal dress (not shown): Evie's Closet
mini-dess (shown): **Angelwing**
poses: No Strings Attached

Monday, October 18, 2010


To survive do it right. You believe in the five.
To survive the distance, everyone fights.
Everyone fights .. and the fireflies.

My five fireflies
Like a sailing ship...
but not one of us runs..

(yeah, I promise the whole Stevie Nicks/witchy/halloween posts will end on 10/31!)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

mulberry horror

The Jewelry Fair ends today. The theme this year is Beauty and the Beast. My favorite sim is The Forest with all its colorful tents, cabins and straw huts. It kind of reminds me of a community of gypsies going from town to town selling all their beautiful and funky creations.

I love Lolapop!. If you like tatts, piercings and other assorted jewelry with a punk, goth feel to it then definitely head to Lola's shop. She also has a booth at the Jewelry Fair-Beast sim. I'm wearing the Batagram set which you can pick up at the fair.

The scary place I chose this time around is Mulberry Horror which is a cursed town with really gross stuff and a...CLOWN (screams-I hate clowns *shudders*). Also, that really ugly looking lizard thing will do disgusting things to you if you let him. I spared you by not posting any pictures.

dress: Rotten Toe

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Saturday, October 9, 2010

a haunting I will go

Halloween has got me super excited this year in both sl and rl. I thought it would be fun (and challenging) to do a daily post in October but of course, I haven't even gotten to the first one yet. But I still have 22 more days to bring Halloween fun to everyone!

Several months ago, I found a funky, colorful and whimsical shop called Yome Shoujo. Youki Cioc has a gothic, psychedelic, edgy fairytale theme throughout her clothing (that's my interpretation). I find them charming and have bought out most of her store. She also has some cute rugs and assorted furniture. I'm going to start a bi-weekly post about tarot and I'll be using a lot of Youki's clothes for the first post on the Fool. Youki sent out a group gift a couple days ago and has some new Halloween themed items including a lucky board. I checked out the lucky board and found a child av also waiting for the letter to change. It got me thinking and wondering if I was wearing clothes meant for a child? Whatever! The clothes do have a doll, anime/manga feel to them which kind of gives them and the models that wear them (in the store displays) a young look. If I'm wearing kid clothes so be it. It won't be the first time I look the fool (and really, the clothes can be worn by all avs-furry, monster, human or whatever)!

There are a ton of fun and scary Halloween places around the grid and I'll be sharing as many as I can throughout the month. I visited Ghouls Manor where I was cooked, possessed, felt up by an octopus, attacked by skeletons and zombies and other assorted fun. Also, be sure to have your sound on because there are some strange voices to be heard!

skin: Skin Within, ahawi
hair: Truth, heather
dress: Yome Shoujo, group gift, *HWg*
boots: Miel, far boots/solid