Monday, February 14, 2011


Color Challenge
house: Yome Shojo, Group gift
lingerie: Has Been, Frisky Femme
skin: Mango, Mango!, Smoked Tan Freckles
hair: Truth, Heather

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Color Challenge
dress: WD, Lolita Coat Dress
boots: WD, Cordelia
skin: Mango, Mango!, Innocent Pale Freckles
hair: Truth, Kai

Thursday, February 10, 2011

light on your arm and bring a wild Gift

I first heard of Swan Ling and Argyle Anonymous when her RL sister, Elle Kirshner of Second Spaces, plurked about Swan's Spring fashions. They are simply adorable. I went back to her shop and basically bought almost everything. My favorites are her tops and button up shirts because they fit me perfectly! I usually have to fiddle with many items in my closet (inventory) to get them to fit right (not that there's anything wrong with that). Swan's prices are very affordable-you will be pleasantly surprised and I'm sure you will be tempted, as I was, to buy Everything! I was even inspired to make a pattern (real/first life) that looks very similar to the denim skirt (see top pic).

"I send a light to shine on you
I send a light to shine around you"
-Belly (I couldn't think of a title so I used a song lyric from one of my favorite bands)

All clothes, glasses and jewelry from Argyle Anonymous
place: Eternal Return
hair: Truth, Kymberly
shoes: J's, Real Toe Wrap Front Sandals

Thursday, February 3, 2011

she comes in Colors everywhere + Prefabulous 3

So it started out as a simple post of trying to catch up with the color challenge but that wasn't really that simple since I am 6 weeks behind. And I wanted to combine the colors: cerise, green, emerald, etc. with ONE room of decor. Of course, that ended up being a whole house of decor. Luckily, the adorable and cozy Pretty Litzi from estetica has only two rooms.

Since I'm incredibly tired tonight, I'm going to be short on words and big on images.








All poses from MNK*Shop except where noted

skirt: MNK*Shop, **nikukyu**, Retro
top: Sari's, Zeerys Silk Sari
hair: Truth, Yolanda 2

shorts: MNK*Shop, **nikukyu**, Stripe PantsSet
knit: MNK*Shop, **nikukyu**, Spring KnitSet
hair: Truth, Layla

jumper/dress: Yome Shojo, *Yey*
tights: Miao, Ribbed Tights
hair: Truth, Akira

leggings: Orion, Flower Denim
sweater: Orion, Loose Sweater
shoes: S@BBiA, Flower Pumps
hair: Truth, Heather

dress: *Boom*, Why Not Dress
hair: :BC, Ariadne (couldn't find TP)
stocking: ROtten Toe, moth stocking

dress: **DP**yumyum, Velours Dress
hair: Truth, Paloma

dress: Has Been, Dottie 2
hair: Vanity Hair, Lola
Pose: aDORKable, Spunky Dork

Home Decor
*all Klimt paintings can be found on SL Marketplace

Landscape (trees, bushes, grass): Sea Hole Garden
chair: LISP, Autumn Shades in Olive
gardenbench and crate with plants: FacTs
winter pretty blue: Designer Prims

Front Room/Kitchen
breakfastable: FacTs
dexter fridge: artilleri
island: Clutter
waffle maker: Reek
plants, white curtains and rug: Designer Prims
phone: Second Spaces
klimt painting: Water castle

Back Room
pink and brown rose rug and wall shelves: Yome Shojo
crafternoon corner table and butterfly shadow box: [croire]
blue and brown sofas: *KOPI*
rope trick lamp: LISP
klimt: Avenue in Schloss Kammer Park
Klimt: Music
bed and squared table: *Tatty Soup*
elephant wall hanging: Tasty
berwick console b: {theosophy}
flowers: Flower Power
shabby shelf: Designer Prims
book pile: [ARIA]