Saturday, August 25, 2012

Single Frame Stories-Three Prompts

I've been participating in a new challenge Single Frame Stories.  Every Saturday a new word or phrase is given and the challenge is to create a single frame story based on that prompt.  You can submit one image with up to 140 optional characters.  It's been fun for me and well, challenging.  When I see the prompt on Saturday, several ideas immediately come to me all of which I disgard at the end.  Those first ideas always lean toward the serious but on Friday, which is when I post my stories, I end up with something more whimsical or not too serious.

Week one:  Last Words "I can't believe that Ass killed me off in the first part of the book. I'll take Dostoevsky any day."

My first idea for Last Words was to take an image based on a conversation I had with a friend a couple of months ago.  The conversation was our last because we had a falling out.  However, that was too serious for me and I didn't want to relive the event over and over again.  So I thought of a character in one of my favorite books which will remain nameless (both the character and the book) because the image above is sort of a spoiler.

Week 2:  Illumination

I loved this prompt and all the stories that the other participants posted.  Illumination was inspired by the Fortune Teller Table by Mystique.  I thought the image was better without text.

Week 3:  Grave Mistake "I should have picked Door #1."

This prompt was hard for me.  I thought of the obvious image of a grave but didn't want to go that way, however, some other people did interesting images of graves.  I then thought of a fork in the road type of story but I couldn't get it done in time (I usually work on these on Friday morning.  They are due on Friday.  I always wait until the last minute which is when my creatively usually kicks in).  {what next} has an awesome hot air balloon available now at collabor88 which inspired this image.  Grave Mistake made me think of decisions and choices which are very hard for me to make.  I struggle with decisions, so much so that I avoid the decision altogether.  And at the other extreme, sometimes I make choices quickly without thinking things through.  I was talking to someone about this recently and she told me that I shouldn't look at every choice or decision I make as the wrong one, rather I should look at how I handle the decision.  If it's the wrong decision, then own it, fix it and move on.

Next week's prompt (due Friday) is:  Positive.  Join the Single Frame Stories Flickr group and please add me on flickr too.  I would love to see you pics!

Stuff to Buy!
Last Words
outfit:  Adoness, Odessa @Vintage Fair
boots:  Bettie's Vintage, Victorian Ankle Boot
hair:  Wasabi Pills, Gloria @Vintage Fair
pose:  Wet Cat, Drama Queen
place:  New Babbage

dress:  Chantkare, Baroque Tunic @Collabor88
hair:  Frou Frou, Foxpouf
skin:  Glam Affair, Roza-BaroQ @Collabor88
fortune teller table:  Mystique

Grave Mistake
dress:  Drift, Mesh Retro Poof @Vintage Fair
boots:  [monso], My Western Boots @Vintage Fair
hot air balloon:  {what next}, Grand Day Out Hot Air Balloon @Collabor88

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