Thursday, October 25, 2012

Collabor88 Blogger Contest

For some reason I didn't know about this contest until yesterday.  Contests make me nervous especially these blogger challenges mainly because I know I don't have a chance in hell of winning.  I'm not purposely being a pessimist but with so many extremely talented bloggers out there, well, the competition is tough!  But since Collabor88 is one of my fave sl events, I decided to enter. And besides, contests are good to enter just for the practice and to keep you on your toes.

The challenge is to use 8 items from any of the Collabor88 cycles.  I did that.  For slurls, I put the store's main location unless the items are from this month's Collabor88.  Only one image is allowed for the contest.

skin:  [Ill] Illusory, Love-Caramel, Shindig-Collabor88, June
hair:  LaViere, Katie in Browns @Collabor88, October
poses:  Marukin, Cinnabar-Collabor88, July and Flambe @Collobar88, October
dress:  -tb-, Daydream Babydoll in Mint-Collabor88, May
shoes:  Ingenue, Jive Wedge in Citrius-Collabor88, June
earrings:  Noodles, Plastic Star Earrings in Peach @Collabor88
bracelet:  Noodles, Plastic Heart Bangle in Green @Collabor88
tree seat:  Lisp, Tree Seat Petunia-Collabor88, March

other items:
tree:  *alirium*, Sakura A Pink

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