Monday, June 10, 2013

Prefabulous: Voronoi House

So I had a whole bunch of stuff from the h&g expo that I unpacked but haven't been able to blog (sorry creators!).  And just because the expo is over doesn't mean we all still can't go crazy with house and furniture hoarding, right?  [bauwerk] created an interesting house for the event and though it's a little too modern for me, I still like the lines and shape of this build.

I took a beginning building class with DeAnn Dufaux (Park Place) at Builders Brewery awhile ago. She was a great instructor, easy to follow and patient with all the follow-questions.  And no, I haven't built anything since the class.  *sad face*

There were a couple creators and shops that were new to me at the expo but then again, I'm a little behind when it comes to sl current events.  I should log in more often.

One thing I have a plethora of in my inventory are zataku tables.  Whenever I see one I like, I always get it-Always.  And screen/room dividers, I have a lot of those too.  The table/sushi set and screen are made by Roawenwood.  And speaking of sushi, I went to a Japanese restaurant a couple of weeks ago and the food was terrible!  I was tempted to write a review on yelp but I never did.  I'm not one to complain very much.

Anyways, I hope everyone is having a great June so far.  The weather has been crazy for the past couple of days in my part of the world.

voronoi house, wooden cabinet (redwood):  [bauwerk]
low slatted dining room table set, asian inspired latticed screen, sushi plates:  .Roawenwood::
sandalwood sofa/table combo, rug:  Spargel & Shine
city lamp:  chiC buildings store
victorian brass bedstead,  bella 2 bedside tables and lamps:  Katy's Kreations
bethany drop-leaf desk and chair, plants, fire escape shelf:  Park Place
mid-century armoire: %Furniture and Lighting
leather armchair and bell lamp:  Kuro
carved grandfather clock:  West Studio
oriental thinking bench:  ˜*˜Inspired˜*˜

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