Saturday, September 7, 2013

A butterfly and a Beetle

A butterfly and a beetle were hanging out one day...

beetle:  I never met a butterfly I didn't like
butterfly:  I've never met a beetle I liked but you're different.  I like you.
beetle:  I like you too.

butterfly:  Would you mind singing "Strawberry Fields Forever" for me?
beetle:  Wrong beetle sweetie.  But I still like you.
buttefly:  *blushes*

@The Arcade-September
bug costumes, mushroom and flower:  BoOgErS
clogs:  HANDverk
hair:  Clawtooth, heck on wheels (on the butterfly)
skin:  [theSkinnery], alice (on the beetle)

denim:  Milk Motion, boyfriend jeans
tee:  Beetlebones, casual tees-FREE
skin:  *League*, aria

tee:  Sn@tch, mesh cropped baby tee-New
hair:  [kik], Gemma
shorts:  Kaithleen's, plaid shorts w/belt

tree:  Clary Craft, elfin woods blooming tree
grass:  KIDD Grass Garden, grass, meadows and flowers

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