Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Accidents

I've always been drawn to the word serendipity. I like the idea of it, the mysteries it conjures up, and the way it sounds rolling off my tongue: ser*en*dip*i*ty.

The past year has been rather intense for me. In truth, life has kind of sucked but it has forced me into a sort of journey where I'm trying to transform my life; emotionally, physically and spiritually. It's actually tough work and not in the sense of working in a mine or collecting trash, but facing issues that are buried so deep within you, that it's kind of a shock when they surface. Blablabla...

The last thing I expected to do at this point is start an sl blog. I'm still not really sure if this is the right step in my journey but what the hell! When I came on to, toying with the idea of creating an account, the last name,
Serendipity, popped up as a choice for an avatar last name which sealed the deal for me. And so I paired my new last name with my new first name, Epione, which is the goddess of soothing. Try saying that three times fast:

Epione Serendipity
Epione Serendipity
Epione Serendipity

Yeah, it's a mouthful but I like the idea of a "soothing happy accident". Btw, according to,
serendipity means:

The faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident.

If you're interested in reading more about
serendipity, there's a great article about it in the latest issue of Psychology Today.

I rezzed in early May but haven't been online much which is evident from the noob image above. I keep to myself when I'm inworld so I have no idea which direction this little experience of mine will take. I'm not one of those who can separate my rl from my sl and I compare it to moving, believing your life will change dramatically by moving to another city or another country. It doesn't work because you bring yourself wherever you go, and take it from someone who has experienced many hard moves. SL is no different (at least for me). I'm not big on role playing so if something pisses me off inworld, or makes me happy, or brings me to tears, I feel it. Even after I turn the computer off. Profound, yes? What I'm trying to say is, I'm Epione Serendipity and she is me (well, Epione might a be a little thinner and taller which reminds me, yoga and spinning tomorrow!).

I love the idea of doing an sl fashion blog but there are so many of those out there that it seems pointless. However, I definitely will incorporate fashion into my posts. I also thought of doing a fantasy/fiction type of blog aka "Epione's Adventures" or "Little Avatar Lost" but who wants to read about some avatar lost on the grid. Besides, I'm sure it's been done.

My favorite sl blogs are the ones that allow the reader a glimpse of the rl person behind the avatar. Translucent Journey was something I originally set up for a rl blog but I never got around to starting it so it seemed appropo for an sl/rl blog. I'm not particularly funny (people have told me I have a sense of humor) and I'm not a great writer (people have liked my writing), my grammar is atrocious (most people will agree with me on this point) and my photoshop skills need work. And so, Translucent Journey will be some fashion, some home and garden, some music, some exploring, and some rl stuff thrown into the mix ala an sl Time Out meets rl.

My journey in both worlds will continue and I will be paying close attention to those serendipitous moments. But in order to have a blog, I guess I will have to spend more time logged in! See y'all inworld!

Update: I managed to go on tonight and upgrade my noob to a tolerable level. The pic is taken at the absurdity sim in celebration of sl7b (don't ask me about sl7b coz I don't know anything about it!).

Place: Absurdity
Hair: Mina, Dark Chocolate
Shorts: Doppelganger Inc.
Skin: !Imabee, Umeko-Strawberry Pie/dkbrow/frec
Top: Badoura Design

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