Friday, January 21, 2011

Prefabulous 2: Zacca Lodge

How many woodsy cabins can one pixelated girl own? Never Never Enough! When I got a notecard last week that Zacca had a new release, well, I could hardly contain my excitement (don't worry, I contained it).  For those of you who don't know me or this blog (most of you probably!), I'm a prefab whore. I buy many houses. I own many houses. Sometimes I forget what I have and end up with two of the same prefab. You get the picture.

Check out my welcome mat. How cute is that? and it's a freebie!

I'm not a builder so my descriptions might seem a little elementary. The new Zacca Lodge (see here) comes in a small and large version and also a courtyard version which is what I am showing you today. Plain and simple-it's just lovely. The textures are gorgeous and this girl is all about textures. The courtyard is 122 prims which gives you enough space (if you have a plot of land with at least 400 prims or so) to have fun with decoring (is decoring a word?) and landscaping. When you walk through the door, you are greeted with an awesome window seat. I love the windows too btw.

The front room (see above) is large enough to separate into a kitchen and living area. Oops, I need a refrigerator. And more plants and chotskies! I love the ceiling and the the detailing of the beams (see below). If you like a rustic feel to your home than I'm sure you will be very happy with the Lodge.

There are two side rooms. I made one into a bedroom and yes, that is a bedroom set from UrbanizeD (And please take your shoes off in RL before you lie on a beautiful new bedroom set!). Enjoy this moment coz, well, it just might be your last. Live for today!!

The other room is kind of a kick back, relaxed, let's listen to some tunes, type of room. I'm hanging with Emerald on the MudHoney Rustic Spring set that she gifted me. Thanks Em! And yeah, that is a a fortune teller table in the corner. Stay away from Ouija Boards folks, stay very far away.

I love going outside and looking at all my lovely landscape loveliness from the Sea Hole.

On the other side of the courtyard is a nice area to put more decor or have an easel and canvas ready.

Thank you for letting me show you around this great lodge. CROSS Jupiter, the creator and owner of Zacca, is so nice and is great with customer service. Kudos to him for such a lovely build!

Zacca Store: Zacca
Zacca Demos: Zacca Demos

Landscape (trees, bushes, grass): Sea Hole Garden
easel and canvas: Marketplace
chairs: LISP, Autumn Shades in Olive and Rust
welcome mat: Pestique, FREEBIE!!!

table and chairs: *Tatty Soup*
paisley decal: [croire]
stove: ![CoCo], CozyStove, red
side table and cake: LISP, Traditional Hearth Console and Fancy Cake

Living Area
beanbag: ::Ragdoll's cut::, Beanbag Fading Violet
bottle light: *Art Dummy!
wall hangings: [croire], Buttefly Shadow Box, 'rainy day' and and 'in bloom'
curtains: *Tatty Soup*
birdhouse: [croire]
side table: {theosophy}, Berwick Console A
plant on table: Flower Power

bedroom set (bed, bedside tables and lamps): UrbanizeD, "Heavenly" Bed Set
enjoy this moment decal: :CP:
curtains, tv and stand, bookcase and couch: *Tatty Soup*
tv and stand: *Tatty Soup*

Kick Back Room
Rustic Spring Set: MudHoney
record player: artilleri
bookcase: ~La'Licious~
fortune teller table: .:Stone Misery:.
wall hanging: *Smudge*, Elephant Sun (*note* being rebuilt at time of this post)

tees: terri.tees, she's got newness out people!!!
denim: *Boom*, Gettin Low
hair: Vanity Hair, Imani


Anonymous said...

Epione, I know you posted this wonderful lodge some days ago. I also am a house collector. In 4 years I have more than I want to admit, but I keep getting more. I don't want to end this is like being addicted to SL..why NOT? I enjoy your blog a lot, hope to see more.

Mysti (Mystery)Thorne

Epione Serendipity said...

Thanks Mysti! Yes, I can't stop collecting prefabs either! I'm so glad that you enjoy the blog. Lots more to come...