Sunday, October 2, 2011

welcomes October

October!!  My favorite month in both sl and rl is finally here.  I loved Halloween inworld last year-so much so that I blogged twice a week.  Nowadays, I'm happy if I can churn out one post a month.

There's a great new shopping place on the grid, The Theme Park.  The owners of Embody have done a great job creating a relaxing atmosphere with mountains and the sounds of water.

And some of your favorite stores are there:  Crackberry, Cool Beans and and Clutter just to name a few.  There will be two sale events each month and each designer is required to have at least one sale item.  So put it on your list of places to visit!  I'm sure there will be some great items in the upcoming months.

I'm wearing the Boo Dress by Greymoon and makeups by both Cool Beans and *elymode*.  Poses are by Embody.

skirt/top: Greymoon (at Theme Park)
poses:  Embody, Slasher Pose (at Theme Park)
makeup 1: *elymode*, Sunken eye-shadows and cheek (at Theme Park)
makeup 2: ::Cool Beans::, Pumpkin Face (at Theme Park)
tights:  Rotten Toe, Torn Tights
hair: Truth, Rowena
place:  Cadeling Garden

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Nissa Nightfire said...

good to see you ... even if you do look a little frightening!! :)