Friday, November 18, 2011

preFabulous: MudHoney Hoxley House

Do you have land that you never use but you hold on to it anyways?  I'm renting two places now which is pretty good for me.  I used to be a serial renter.  I keep a plot of land (937 prims-woohoo!) because I tend to hoard prefabs and like to change houses frequently.  (I'm also renting a cute little cottage on an awesome sim which I'll tell you about another time).  But since I only seem to get on SL once or twice a week, my Prefabulous posts have been less than frequent.  I'll try to get on more.

The Hoxley House created by Rayvn Hynes of MudHoney reminds me of Greece.  I'm always telling people that if I had enough money I would buy property in Greece (because it's probably cheap right now).  I love everything Rayvn creates (and nope, I don't get review copies just so you know) but especially her prefabs.  I hope she continues to make houses because, well, I need to feed my habit.

Wow!  I need to be more social ;=\

I love stairs that lead up to the bedroom.

house:  Hoxley House, MudHoney
landscape: UrbanizeD Garden, The Sea Hole, Zoe's Garden, [Organica]
Porch:  Dreamscapes Art Gallery, [ba], Blue River Designs
Downstairs:  Artilleri Home, {what next}, [North West], Little Boxes, Second Spaces, Sway's, Tatty Soup, Awesome Blossom, nordari
Upstairs:  Lisp, Cheeky Pea, Second Spaces, UrbanizeD, Clutter, Dreamscapes Art Gallery, {what next}

top & legging, Kunglers @ The Dressing Room Blue
Dasia Pyjamas, Somnia

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Nissa Nightfire said...

nice house! it looks very comfortable :) I am so addicted to prefabs too. Typically, as some point, I accidentally delete my house ... and I always switch to a new one then. Yes... I know that's kinda weird... I'm good with that :)