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tarot labyrinth-The High Priestess

The Fool continues her journey secure in the knowledge that she holds powerful tools that The Magician has placed in her trust.  However, the Fool is young at heart and sometimes takes life for granted believing that she is untouchable.  She has a limited understanding that every choice she makes now, effects other choices she makes in the future.  In other words, you reap what you sow and karma is a bitch.  But this insight is not within the Fool's least not yet.

She will experience heartache and devastation.  She will face fear head on but will also find true happiness, love and strength.  Life is a wheel of fortune.

As she travels, she encounters many mysterious places including Valhal.  She braves the fog and sleeps wherever she can find shelter.  The Fool finally arrives at a beautiful space in the sky where the High Priestess awaits for her.  The Fool feels safe again.

The High Priestess is a softer version of the Magician.  Whereas, the Magician is confident, outgoing, and a bit of a show off, the High Priestess is quiet and calm.  She is shrouded in mystery and because of this she is one the hardest cards of the Major Arcana to connect with.

The High Priestess is the no. 2 card and she introduces the fool to the idea of duality.  The fool will come to see again and again that life is run at different points between two polar opposites:  male and female, black and white, conscious and unconscious.  For instance, we are not purely female or purely male.  Each of us has energies that are both feminine and masculine in nature.

To understand the Priestess' energy, you must delve deep into your unconscious to access those feelings that you keep hidden.  Think of the High Priestess as your shadow self.  Have you ever experienced something that is hard to express in words?  Or you understand an idea or a concept but it's hard to explain to another person?  This is the feeling one gets when the High Priestess is present.  She does not use words to communicate but allows us the feeling that it is ok to step back and take a quiet moment to understand all the chaos that swirls around us.

The Fool lays down her tools:  the wand, the chalice, the pentacle and the sword and asks the High presietss for her insights.  She answers the Fool by placing a scroll down next to the tools.  These scrolls will help the Fool not only understand the powerful skills (tools) that she possess but also be a guide to her on on this very long journey.

Self doubt immediately surrounds the Fool and she concludes that she will never be able to succeed but the Priestess calms her just by her presence and the Fool is able to relax again.  The High priestess teaches us to learn by meditation, intution and patience.  The answers might not be immediate, the decisons not obvious but the process will bring an understand and deeper appreciation of all that is wonderful in each of us.

When you encounter the High Priestess in a reading there is definitely mystery present-mysteries you either keep hidden to others or to yourself or both.  Just breathe deep and take a minute and step back-you will see more clearly.  You also might have a sense of fear but there is always happiness in the end once you conquer that fear and it goes away.  The scrolls suggest a deep knowledge that you have to access using your intuition.  Being passive right now is ok but remember, that passivity must eventually be turned into actions.  If you are passive too long, then that fear of life, events and people will continue.

The High Priestess signifies potential in our lives so believe in this and find your potential!

As the Fool prepares to leave the High Priestess, she is afraid.  We all are.  Life is a long journey and it's hard and scary and sucks at times.  But we believe in ourselves and we move on.  

Questions to ask yourself
What are you hiding?  from yourself and from others?  What questions are you needing answered?What is left for you to discover?  Are you intuitive?  What can you do to be more open and trusting to your own intuition?  Who are you seeking help or advice from?  Is someone looking to you for help? What can you do to access the knowledge you need?  Does it require meditation or going to your library and looking at ancient scrolls?  What is your potential?

The Fool
shorts:  COLLABOR88, -tb-, Sailor Shorts
top:  COLLABOR88, -tb-, Lolita off Shoulder
boots:  *Coco*, Engineer Boots
hair:  Truth, Velvet
bag (thanks Emerald):  **1mm**
skin:  Skin Within, Alina

The High Priestess
dress:  Wishbox, Sprite
leggings:  [Sakide], Shredded Leggings (Previous Perfect Wardrobe)
boots:  FIR&MNA, Lahinch Boots (Collarbor88-January 2012)
hair:  Exile, Girls of Summer
skin: Nuuna, B&W
crown:  Lantian@Marketplace, Triple Moon Goddess Circlet

Home Decor and Landscape
house:  Dragon Magick Wares, Spiral Dance
chair, table, plant:  Clutter, Flower Power Sitting Room
pouf:  [North West], Cushy Pouf
mushrooms:  Lisp Discount Store
grass and meadows:  KIDD Grass Garden Meadow
lily:  Clary Craft Home and Garden, Avatar Forest Lily
trees:  Stone Misery, Blossom Tree

Magical Stuff
Chakra Staff, Pentacle, Chalice, Athame:  The Grove
Scroll:  Entity@Marketplace

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