Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Electric INdiGo

At this rate, I should finish the color challenge in five years.

By the way, am I the only one who struggles with mesh?  Sometimes, parts of my body disappear when I use mesh items.  Sometimes I can't use two mesh things at the same time but it worked today.

When I saw this necklace from Kosh, I had to get it.  I made something similar in RL recently. Not exactly similar but there's a key involved and two kinds of chain.  If I was really smart, I would post a pic of it but I'm not that smart.  Maybe I will add it in later.

52 Weeks of Color Challenge-Part Deux

place:  Tea Time
pants:  Sn@tch, Jayne Leopard Skinny Pants
top:  Kim, Lala Mesh Shirt, Kitty-New
shoes:  [Virtual/Insanity], Skull Wedge Slippers-Zombie Popcorn March-New
necklace:  Kosh, The Angel Necklace-New
hair:  Exile, Bring it On
skin:  Skin Within, Alina

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