Friday, May 11, 2012

work Space

My name is Epione and I have a problem hoarding fabric, art supplies (especially watercolor paper, prismacolor markers and pencils) and beads!  Oh yeah, and art books.  I have a ton of them.

Of course I'm talking about real life because in SL I hoard hair, skin, and prefabs.  I don't think my fabric/bead/art supply habit will ever get me on a hoarders' show though.  I'll scale down before that ever happens.

When I sew in rl i have to do it barefoot.

Basically, I need more space.  And why not dream big-I need my own studio which actually is a possibility in the not too distant future (a little bird whispered this to me).  But for now, I will dream and create my own work space in SL.

As I posted the pics for the post, I laughed because I kind of crammed everything together which is just like my work space in rl.

dress:  -tb-, Daydream babydoll@Collabor88-New
tights:  Vershe, Random Tights
hair:  Clawtooth, Kinda Shy @Collabor88-New
skin:  Curio, Jewel Gold Tones
pose:  Olive Juice, Stay Sassy

Home Decor
drafting table, closet:  Zigana
rugs:  Zigana @ Culture Shock-New
sewing machine and table:  Cleo Design
sewing supplies (fabric bolts, yardstick, patterns, piles of fabric and basket o' thread):  Second Spaces
cutting table and round rug:  Urbanized
umbrella lamp: Lisp @ CultureShock-New
Mathilde Sewing Basket:  Lisp
baskets:  theosophy
Mimi's Mannequin:  {what next} 
mirror:  [North West]
magazines:  OBF

Wall Art 
New York Bus Scroll, The Loft
Art Deco - La Chanteuse de Jazz, Qiao Ling Fashion @ Marketplae
Art Deco - New York, Qiao Ling Fashion @ Marketplace
Vintage Vogue Poster, O's Decor @ Marketplace
TA Van Gogh 1, msw Tomorrow @ Marketplace

floors:  Limehouse, farmhouse
walls:  Insight Designs, Moulded Stucco

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