Friday, February 22, 2013

All these Places have their Moments

Ahern, Morris

I've been in a bit of a blog funk.  Actually, I've been in a bit of a SL funk, not really wanting to log in much anymore.  I mainly come on to feed my kittycats (and yes, I still bread even though most of what is born goes straight to the menagerie.  I guess I still don't get the whole breading thing.).

So I logged on early this morning and thought I would visit some of the places I went to when I first came on sl.  Most of them are gone but I did find a few that are still around. 

Morris or Ahern

Back in the day there were many welcome centers (as there probably are today).  I spent the first couple of months of my sl life in welcome centers.  The hubs I went to were always filled with people but some of the ones I visited this morning are practically deserted.  Nothing like I remember but maybe it was due to the time of day.

I don't know how I ended up at sunshine therapy Garden-maybe I looked up gardens in search.  Or maybe I looked up therapy or sunshine.  My memory eludes me but I do remember I met my very first sl friend there.  Jee is the one that explained to me how to offer friendship to someone.  She was so sweet.  We kind of lost touch when I took a break from sl (one of many).  Maybe I'll look her up someday.  Maybe.  Sunshine Therapy seems kind of old school to me in terms of sl creations but that's one of the reasons I still have a soft spot for the place.  I think they do offer therapy there but I don't know the people who do the counseling and if it's good or bad or anything.

Sunshine Therapy Garden

I always thought Calleta's Hobo Village was the coolest area.  Lots of weird, interesting, quirky people there and I'm weird, interesting and quirky so I always fit right in.  Another place I rarely go to anymore.

Calleta's Hobo Village

Straylight really amazed me in my early days.  It made me realize what can be created in second life.  I love it there-so beautiful.  I get a lot of my landscape stuff from Botanica too.


da Vinci Gardens is somewhere I still go to where I can just be quiet.  There's always a lot of people around but you can find secret little corners here and there.  I usually go and sit on a bench while I message people (well, I used to anyways).

da Vinci Gardens

Oh look!  I found an old pic of me and Emerald (I'm the one with dark hair and the hideous dress).  Does anyone remember the name of this coffee place?  It no longer exists but it was one of my favorite places to hang in the early years of sl (my early years I mean).

What are some of the places you used to go to?  Do they still exist?  Why do you still have a soft spot for them?  Do you still go there today?

MorrisAhern (I think they're actually the same place or they've merged into one area)
Sunshine Therapy Garden
Calleta's Hobo Village
da Vinci Gardens

dress:  (NO), ivy drape dress @Collabor88
hair:  -LaViere, sonia @Collabor88
tights:  *GF*, basic color tights
boots:  Lassitude and ennui, lazy boots
pose:  Purple Poses


Emerald Wynn said...

HAHA! Look at that no-AO straight-armed, straight-legged sit! GAHHHH - I can't remember the name of that coffee place either, which is sad because remember, it was like the hip happening place to be? It's gonna bug me now.

These pictures are cool - it's nice to see some of these places are still around.

That skirt is FABULOUS!

Epione Serendipity said...

Thanks Em! I miss you here mainly because you're the only one who reads my blog! Thank you for that. And yeah, remember that cafe? For the life of me, I can't remember the name. Dress is from Collabor88.