Monday, March 18, 2013


Warning:  Walking Dead spoilers below.  DO NOT read if you're behind on Season 3.

I'm a huge Walking Dead fan and I've wanted to do something walker/dead inspired for awhile now.  I wanted to post this right after the episode "Clear" from several weeks ago but blablabla, I never got to it until this morning.  Now on to Michonne and Morgan.

I love Michonne but it took me awhile to warm up to her.  There was so much hype about the Michonne from the comic but I was kind of disappointed with the Michonne from the show (I haven't read the comics).  At first I wanted to make Michonne look exactly like she is portrayed by Danai Gurira but I kind of gave up on that because I couldn't find exactly what I needed.  So this is my version of Michonne.  And btw, aren't you glad she's talking more?  Michonne (the character) seems like someone you could have interesting conversations with at some dive bar or at Starbucks.

"Clear" is my favorite episode so far (the other being "Seed").  I've been waiting for Morgan to come back ever since the first season (I think we all have).  What do you think 'Clear' meant to Morgan?  He kept saying throughout the episode, "I have to clear", and literally he meant he had to clear up the dead walkers that were killed either by his hand or by RickMichonneCarl.

But digging a little deeper, I think Morgan felt that he needed to stay in the same area where his son and wife died.  In the first episode of Season 1, Rick tried to get him to come with him but Morgan said he just wasn't ready to leave, just hadn't worked up to it. Rick once again tried to get him to come to the prison but no, Morgan will probably never leave that town.  In order to clear his mind, he needs to stay and continue to clear all the dead walkers.  Maybe to lessen the pain of losing his family.  Sad.

For Rick, I think he needed Morgan to snap out of the state he was in because if Rick can come back emotionally from the death of his wife and his friends, than Morgan must come back too.  

I think there comes a time for all of us (probably several times) where we want to, need to 'Clear'.  Sometimes we do it in very unhealthy ways and sometimes we choose the long, sometimes painful path to having a clear mind and heart.  I always have to bring it back to rl but that's my thang.

What do you think of the season so far?  Do you like Michonne?  What about Daryl and Merle?  Do you think the Governer is going to get his due?

skin:  [Rockberry], Apple K-dark
dreads:  Discord Designs -dDx-, Jocasta and Athena
leather jacket and tee:  Blueberry
hood:  Remy, BeastHood
cargo capris:  Apple May Designs
boots:  Sn@tch, Mosh Pit Combat Boots
poses:  *MP*, Katana (comes with sword), and FocusPoses, Warrior Girl

Walker Girl
skin:  Miasnow, Zombina
eyes:  Miasnow, Zombie
hair:  booN, AIA466
dress:  [Corvus] or @Marketplace, Plain Black Dress
tights:  *Sheer*, Tights 12-torn vines
collar:  ..::Delicious::.., Chic Collar
pose:  *MP*, Brains!

place:  The Wastelands

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