Thursday, July 29, 2010


Yoga has changed my life. I've suffered from a physical problem for the past couple of years and yoga has taught me to 1) relax 2) breathe and 3) relax. Relaxing and breathing seem like two very simple things to do but for me, I find it almost impossible to get my mind and body to relax. And the breathing part? I have to remind myself to breathe. Seriously.

Yoga class is one of the few times during the day where I'm able to concentrate fully on what I am doing without stressing about tomorrow or regretting yesterday. I am fully in the moment. I practice Hatha mainly because I prefer to stay in one pose for a longer period. I'm not at the level of power yoga or as I call it, "Madonna yoga" yet but I am working up to that level (it will probably take me several years).

For me, yoga is a different feeling than you get from say running six miles (which I used to do so I can use this as a comparison) everyday. It's more of a spiritual healing for your body, mind and soul. It also has introduced me to a whole new group of people that I probably would not have met in any other circumstance. I'm grateful for that.

You can get the yoga mat at Dragon's Mist. The one I am using has 10 poses. Skin Flicks has the yoga wear in several different colors. I am wearing the beautiful
Maya skin in a DkTan Glitz from Skin Within (I have a Maya skin story but I'll save it for another day). Skin Within is having an amazing sale on all their skins so if you're looking for something different and unique, I would definitely visit the store. And finally, that cute little guy you see in the background is a Knit Zebra Chair with texture and color changes, and 5 sitting animations and you can find it at Awesome Blossom.


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