Wednesday, July 14, 2010


The second thing I needed to do inworld (the first being, trashing my noob look and getting new skin, see skin post) was to find a place to live. Now I'm not crazy about apartment hunting in rl but in sl, it's hella fun!

There were a few essentials I was looking for in this potentially fabulous place, one being that I only wanted to spend 500L and the other was that I wanted high ceilings. Simple to find, yes? Not really. Since I'm fairly new and I don't know many people inworld (no word of mouth finds), I did a search for rentals the old fashioned way via the search button and the classified section on the Second Life website. I looked at beach houses, house boats, tree houses, house in the mountains, houses behind waterfalls, houses in fairy/furry/wicca areas, apartments and caves. I saw many places none of which I was crazy about, and not to say that these places weren't nice. Many of them were nice but just not me.

Late one night, I heard the word "skybox" whispered among the patrons at this club I was at. Actually, just kidding about the whispering but people have recommended skyboxes to me. The image of a sanctuary up in the sky reminded me of The Fifth Element which I always thought was a cool flick (and I'm not big on SciFi) so I was definitely drawn to the idea. And so I revamped my search to just skyboxes and again I saw lots and lots, many of which were furnished. I was looking for something empty because an empty space equals an empty slate equals a new beginning, right? So after many days, I finally found what I was looking for which resembled what I kind of lost recently in rl. Big surprise there, haha!

So yeah, my skybox was the perfect fit for me. It reminds me of a city I long to return to someday. Here are some more pics of my new place.

On impulse, I jumped off my roof to see where I would end up and this is where I landed. You never know where you will land so quit dangling that foot and JumP!

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