Friday, November 12, 2010


I thought of several titles for this post including grey poupon, grey skies, grey matter but decided to go with just grey. Why complicate things? Color challenge! I love, some people in my real life told me recently, "you say love too much". WTH? As in "I love this and I love that". They explained to me that "I couldn't possibly love everything". WTH? Would they rather me be hating on everything and everyone? Whatever. I LOVE the Color Challenge! I LOVE the color Grey!

Like most SL folks, I'm constantly trying to organize my inventory. And I don't have nearly as much as some peeps (cough *emerald wynn* cough) yet it never seems to get organized. It would help if I stopped buying stuff. So I did a search in my closet (I refer to my inventory as a closet) for grey or gray (coz both spellings are correct) and found some tights and socks but not enough to make a complete outfit. I did some shopping at my favorite stores but wasn't finding anything I liked. Finally, I looked at the marketplace and found some cute slippers and immediately thought "sleepwear". I've only looked at about five posts on the grey color challenge mainly because I don't want to be influenced by them and do something similar. There could be 25 posts of AVs wearing grey pajamas for all I know.

Jeez, I'm long winded today so I'll shut up and get to it!

The slippers are from the marketplace and the grey jammers are from WoE. The bed is from MudHoney (I LOVE that store) and has 4 texture changes (I LOVE texture changes!). The Tree house is from Cheeky Pea (I LOVE that store too!).

Have a great weekend all and hopefully I won't see you again until Sunday or Monday!


Luna Jubilee said...

You might just be the first to do a pajamas post! ... and I LOVE it! lol

Thanks for taking on my 52 Weeks of Color Challenge! <3

Emerald Wynn said...

LOL! 118K and counting!! Woot!

You look kind of like Toni Collette in this post!

I love those pajama pants. They might just become item 118,001.

Epione Serendipity said...

Luna-Thanks so much for commenting and Thanks for taking on this color challenge. I look forward to the next 51 weeks!

Emerald-If I keep spending the same amount of lindens as I did this past week I can totally see myself having 100K in my inventory!