Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Serial Renter

When I first came on SL (for better or worse--it's still debatable), I was surprised to find out that people rented or owned land for residential purposes. So, you know, I had to jump on that bandwagon!

The first place I rented was a small, one room cottage. It was adorable and cheap. I don't remember the exact amount but it was probably less than 100L. And then one day, I tp'd to my cottage and *poof* it was gone. In fact all six cottages were gone and the only thing that remained was an empty plot of land. But the landlord sent us all a notecard and gave us a refund on our rent (actually, I don't remember if she did either of these things but I would hope that she did). I wish I had images of my first place but unfortunately, I trashed many of those early pics the first time I um...left SL.

The second place I rented was a room/small apartment at the GQ Start which was a great place for noobs. GQ held classes, had an active staff of mentors and a freebie store. I took classes on animations, organizing your inventory and flirting/dating in SL. This was also the place that I had the unfortunate experience of knocking down the owner of the sim with my flying broomstick. I apologized profusely to the owner who wasn't mad at all but one of the mentors had a fit yelling at me in IM telling me to get my sorry ass to a sandbox if I wanted to do sh*t like that. *laughs* She didn't actually say that but she was pissed. Hell, I was a noob and I couldn't get that damn broomstick detached!

Jeez, it's not like I pushed the owner down the stairs at the Washington Square Station! But hey, rent is cheep there. It's L5 per day for a furnished apartment. It seems to be a pretty inactive place now (at least the times I've dropped by there). Kind of sad-I met a lot of people in my early days at GQ. I don't know if they even have classes or mentors anymore. Just be careful of those flying broomsticks!

I took some time off from SL after this but when I came back, I came back with a Vengeance-Die Hard style! I rented three places at once. I have no idea why. Really! I guess I just liked renting many places during those early days.

One of my favorite homes was at Sunshineacid , a beautiful small community of about 10-15 houses. The colors are amazing and the rent is affordable running from L100-L500 and up.

Another sim I discovered during my travels was Butterfly Hollow, a charming fairy, forest type dwelling. I was there about 3/4 months ago and a slew of stores were built up around it. I was disappointed because it totally robbed the place of all its character. However, I went back there tonight and I was happy to see that the stores had disappeared or else the owner moved the sim to another plot of land. There are places available to rent ranging from L300-L1100.

The last place I rented during this time was yet another cottage (I love me a cottage. I never met a cottage I didn't like!). It was at Witches Island and there are places available running about L600. But if you don't like witches than you should probably stay away from this place ; )

I'm almost done. I promise! Let's discuss what I'm wearing, shall we? I just realized that I've worn the same hair in several posts. Oh well. I never claimed to be a fashion blogger. Hair is The Morning After by Clawtooth and it's simply fabulous which is why I've worn it in so many posts! The adorable skirt/tee is Polly in violet from the vintage, funky store Has Been. The tights are edge grafica from the Marketplace and they are FREE!

So yeah, I took another break after all this. When I came back I found this beautiful place at Teras. They're a little bit more pricey but the owners are very nice. Actually, every place I've talked about, the landlords have been very nice and very helpful.

I also rented a skybox for a short time coz it reminded me of NYC. Almost done! Yay!

Since I've gotten on this whole SL Home and Garden kick these past few months, I decided to rent a piece of land so I can plop any house down that I want to. Oops, I should have cleaned up my land a little before I took this pic. Oh well.

And it's...beginning...to...look...a...bit...like...Christmas!


Emerald Wynn said...


*cracks up*

You had way better taste than I did as a noob. WOW, I rented some ugly skyboxes back in the day. I'm so glad somebody smacked me upside the head and told me to rent some *land* for a change.

I wish they still had classes on SL dating and flirting. BAHAHAHAHAHA! That's awesome. We all need those classes.

I like your hog!

Nissa Nightfire said...

i love the hog too! almost as good as Emerald's goat. I think I've been setting up house since about the day I got here too ... every time just a little more primmage... :/