Sunday, October 17, 2010

mulberry horror

The Jewelry Fair ends today. The theme this year is Beauty and the Beast. My favorite sim is The Forest with all its colorful tents, cabins and straw huts. It kind of reminds me of a community of gypsies going from town to town selling all their beautiful and funky creations.

I love Lolapop!. If you like tatts, piercings and other assorted jewelry with a punk, goth feel to it then definitely head to Lola's shop. She also has a booth at the Jewelry Fair-Beast sim. I'm wearing the Batagram set which you can pick up at the fair.

The scary place I chose this time around is Mulberry Horror which is a cursed town with really gross stuff and a...CLOWN (screams-I hate clowns *shudders*). Also, that really ugly looking lizard thing will do disgusting things to you if you let him. I spared you by not posting any pictures.

dress: Rotten Toe

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