Saturday, October 9, 2010

a haunting I will go

Halloween has got me super excited this year in both sl and rl. I thought it would be fun (and challenging) to do a daily post in October but of course, I haven't even gotten to the first one yet. But I still have 22 more days to bring Halloween fun to everyone!

Several months ago, I found a funky, colorful and whimsical shop called Yome Shoujo. Youki Cioc has a gothic, psychedelic, edgy fairytale theme throughout her clothing (that's my interpretation). I find them charming and have bought out most of her store. She also has some cute rugs and assorted furniture. I'm going to start a bi-weekly post about tarot and I'll be using a lot of Youki's clothes for the first post on the Fool. Youki sent out a group gift a couple days ago and has some new Halloween themed items including a lucky board. I checked out the lucky board and found a child av also waiting for the letter to change. It got me thinking and wondering if I was wearing clothes meant for a child? Whatever! The clothes do have a doll, anime/manga feel to them which kind of gives them and the models that wear them (in the store displays) a young look. If I'm wearing kid clothes so be it. It won't be the first time I look the fool (and really, the clothes can be worn by all avs-furry, monster, human or whatever)!

There are a ton of fun and scary Halloween places around the grid and I'll be sharing as many as I can throughout the month. I visited Ghouls Manor where I was cooked, possessed, felt up by an octopus, attacked by skeletons and zombies and other assorted fun. Also, be sure to have your sound on because there are some strange voices to be heard!

skin: Skin Within, ahawi
hair: Truth, heather
dress: Yome Shoujo, group gift, *HWg*
boots: Miel, far boots/solid

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