Thursday, December 2, 2010

grid Talk

I've been floating around the idea of having a grid discussion once or twice a week or whenever I'm inspired to discuss something interesting . We'll see how this one flows. Feel free to weigh in!

If SL were RL...

1) would skyland be colder than land land (land that isn't in the sky)?
2) would Tp'ing cause nausea in some people?
3) what type of job or career would you have?
4) would people eat?
5) (do you think Epione should stop screwing around and get some real life stuff done?)

My answers:

1) I think living up in the sky would definintely be colder! Also, people have told me that when they were up near the top of the WTC that it swayed on windy days. I think skyland would sway too.

2) Teleporting would definitely cause nausea in some people! And I would be one of them because I'm easily nauseated :(

3) I always wanted to design clothes in SL but now I'm thinking I might want to be a builder of houses or furniture. Boring yes? How about an exotic dancer? But seriously, I don't want to think very much when I come on SL so that leaves out designing or building. But we're talking SL being RL, right? Whatever!

4) Yeah, people would eat but you can easily play with your sliders if you find yourself gaining weight!

5) (um...yes defnintely!)

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