Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Serial Renter

When I first came on SL (for better or worse--it's still debatable), I was surprised to find out that people rented or owned land for residential purposes. So, you know, I had to jump on that bandwagon!

The first place I rented was a small, one room cottage. It was adorable and cheap. I don't remember the exact amount but it was probably less than 100L. And then one day, I tp'd to my cottage and *poof* it was gone. In fact all six cottages were gone and the only thing that remained was an empty plot of land. But the landlord sent us all a notecard and gave us a refund on our rent (actually, I don't remember if she did either of these things but I would hope that she did). I wish I had images of my first place but unfortunately, I trashed many of those early pics the first time I um...left SL.

The second place I rented was a room/small apartment at the GQ Start which was a great place for noobs. GQ held classes, had an active staff of mentors and a freebie store. I took classes on animations, organizing your inventory and flirting/dating in SL. This was also the place that I had the unfortunate experience of knocking down the owner of the sim with my flying broomstick. I apologized profusely to the owner who wasn't mad at all but one of the mentors had a fit yelling at me in IM telling me to get my sorry ass to a sandbox if I wanted to do sh*t like that. *laughs* She didn't actually say that but she was pissed. Hell, I was a noob and I couldn't get that damn broomstick detached!

Jeez, it's not like I pushed the owner down the stairs at the Washington Square Station! But hey, rent is cheep there. It's L5 per day for a furnished apartment. It seems to be a pretty inactive place now (at least the times I've dropped by there). Kind of sad-I met a lot of people in my early days at GQ. I don't know if they even have classes or mentors anymore. Just be careful of those flying broomsticks!

I took some time off from SL after this but when I came back, I came back with a Vengeance-Die Hard style! I rented three places at once. I have no idea why. Really! I guess I just liked renting many places during those early days.

One of my favorite homes was at Sunshineacid , a beautiful small community of about 10-15 houses. The colors are amazing and the rent is affordable running from L100-L500 and up.

Another sim I discovered during my travels was Butterfly Hollow, a charming fairy, forest type dwelling. I was there about 3/4 months ago and a slew of stores were built up around it. I was disappointed because it totally robbed the place of all its character. However, I went back there tonight and I was happy to see that the stores had disappeared or else the owner moved the sim to another plot of land. There are places available to rent ranging from L300-L1100.

The last place I rented during this time was yet another cottage (I love me a cottage. I never met a cottage I didn't like!). It was at Witches Island and there are places available running about L600. But if you don't like witches than you should probably stay away from this place ; )

I'm almost done. I promise! Let's discuss what I'm wearing, shall we? I just realized that I've worn the same hair in several posts. Oh well. I never claimed to be a fashion blogger. Hair is The Morning After by Clawtooth and it's simply fabulous which is why I've worn it in so many posts! The adorable skirt/tee is Polly in violet from the vintage, funky store Has Been. The tights are edge grafica from the Marketplace and they are FREE!

So yeah, I took another break after all this. When I came back I found this beautiful place at Teras. They're a little bit more pricey but the owners are very nice. Actually, every place I've talked about, the landlords have been very nice and very helpful.

I also rented a skybox for a short time coz it reminded me of NYC. Almost done! Yay!

Since I've gotten on this whole SL Home and Garden kick these past few months, I decided to rent a piece of land so I can plop any house down that I want to. Oops, I should have cleaned up my land a little before I took this pic. Oh well.

And it's...beginning...to...look...a...bit...like...Christmas!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I said a lot of blablabla for the last two Color Challenges so without any fanfare, I present to you goldenrod mon!

place: Zweet ZurroundingZ
dress: Sari's, Doodle Dress
hair: Sari's, 3 Squared Dreads
skin: Skin Within, Ashaki
necklace: Dark Mouse, Vintage Carnival (don't think it's available anymore)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Autumn Shelter

I have no idea how I've missed the Spruce up Your Space (SUYS) each month. In case you have been living under a rock like I've been, SUYS is a monthly event where furniture and home designers offer great decor for discounted prices over one or more weekends. This month's theme was warm and cozy. 14 designers offered some great pieces and I managed to be good and only purchased six of the 14. You can find more information about SUYS at Second Spaces.
This adorable home is the Autumn Shelter from Herbalys and it was only L150 for the SUYS!
Herbalys is a charming indoor/outdoor decor shop and after I bought the Autumn Shelter, I had to pick up some other things to go with my new house. I had to-really I did!

This is my first post where I will be presenting a room with decor. It's not great but I'm learning.

tee: terri.tees, Autumn one tee
pants: *Boom*, Seaman Pants
hair: Clawtooth, The Morning After
skin: Uzuri, Nawel

Home Decor:
house: Herbalys, Autumn Shelter (SUYS)
tree: Herbalys, Abe Tree 2
mushrooms: Herbalys, Happy'spore

bookshelf: Lisp, Woodcutter's Bookshelf (SUYS)
chair: Lisp, Autumn Shades Chair
table: Herbalys, Wood Table
books: Designer Prims, Messy stack of Books
basket: {theosophy}, Rogart Basket
print: Buttons, Live Love Laugh
tea: SL Marketplace
sofa: Lisp, Boho Sofa
side table: YomeShoujo, *DoT2*
birdcage: {theosophy}, Action Birdcage
barrel: Herbalys
flowers: Designer Prims, Vase of Flowers Coral and White
plant: Herbalys, Herba Vibrissae
fireplace: The Sea Hole, Relaxing Fireplace
rug: KOSH, Vintage Flutter Rug

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Three new releases inspired my Blue entry for the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge. We're only on week 2 so join in the fun! Mango, Mango! has done it again with Dual Doll, a fun, great skin that can be used in all sorts of ways. The possibilities are endless. I paired Dual Doll with the adorable DIY hair from !Lamb in black. Finally, I completed the ensemble with the Shimmer Lingerie in Blue from a great vintage/alternative shop, Has Been.

skin: Mango, Mango! (!MM!), Dual Doll
hair: !lamb, DIY
lingerie: Has Been, Shimmer
shoes: Lelutka, Pow Pumps
pose: Reel Expression, *Luth* Mein Chair 1

Friday, November 12, 2010


I thought of several titles for this post including grey poupon, grey skies, grey matter but decided to go with just grey. Why complicate things? Color challenge! I love this....um, some people in my real life told me recently, "you say love too much". WTH? As in "I love this and I love that". They explained to me that "I couldn't possibly love everything". WTH? Would they rather me be hating on everything and everyone? Whatever. I LOVE the Color Challenge! I LOVE the color Grey!

Like most SL folks, I'm constantly trying to organize my inventory. And I don't have nearly as much as some peeps (cough *emerald wynn* cough) yet it never seems to get organized. It would help if I stopped buying stuff. So I did a search in my closet (I refer to my inventory as a closet) for grey or gray (coz both spellings are correct) and found some tights and socks but not enough to make a complete outfit. I did some shopping at my favorite stores but wasn't finding anything I liked. Finally, I looked at the marketplace and found some cute slippers and immediately thought "sleepwear". I've only looked at about five posts on the grey color challenge mainly because I don't want to be influenced by them and do something similar. There could be 25 posts of AVs wearing grey pajamas for all I know.

Jeez, I'm long winded today so I'll shut up and get to it!

The slippers are from the marketplace and the grey jammers are from WoE. The bed is from MudHoney (I LOVE that store) and has 4 texture changes (I LOVE texture changes!). The Tree house is from Cheeky Pea (I LOVE that store too!).

Have a great weekend all and hopefully I won't see you again until Sunday or Monday!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

couldn't Resist

I love The Sea Hole. I love Drinkinstein Sorbet's color, style, and whimsy. She does fantastic trees, flowers and other landscape fun too. I couldn't resist buying the fantasy tree boat.

Monday, November 1, 2010

a change

As much as I enjoyed Halloween this year, I needed a change. I'm glad to try on some new clothes and skin. (Halloween is pretty much a year round event for me anyways). Mango Mango is having a sale on selected skins for L28 and it ends November 1 so go go go! I'm having fun hanging with the turtles at Leatherback Turtle Nesting Site.

skin: Mango Mango
hair: Truth, Cleo-group gift
pants and top: Has Been
jewelry: Magpie