Saturday, December 15, 2012

Closing Doors

'Tis the season for some of my fave shops closing.  *sad face*.

When I first came here ("here" meaning sl), I tried very hard to make my av look a little ethnic, a little exotic, a little islander.  Being a noob, I didn't know that you could actually purchase skins but some very nice people directed me to places where I could get freebies.  I tried a few but I was looking for something else so I did a search for ethnic skin and Skin Within came up.  My first purchased skin ever was Maya, Ayesha Bisiani's polynesian beauty and the second skin she ever created (Ayesha created it back in 2007 which in sl is like decades ago).

My second Ayesha skin was Ahawi (pictured above), Native American influenced, and to this day is still my favorite even though I don't wear it very often.  Over time, I eventually bought all of Ayesha's skins.  Every so often, Ayesha would pop up in a group message with a new item but those notices have become fewer and fewer the last couple of years. I kind of knew that her store would inevitably close even before I read her blog message in November-rl can do that to you.  So Ayesha-I wish you all the best and when I leave sl (which i will eventually), one of the things I'll remember most are your beautiful creations.

Several home and garden shops have closed their inworld stores recently including one of my favorite prefab places, Nordari.  Second Spaces closed a couple months ago but you can still get all of Elle's decor stuff (and poses) at the marketplace.

And just a few days ago, I saw this posted on Gala's blog.  Wth!  I truly hope it's just a hiatus and she will be back soon because 50% (well, maybe 40% but I use a lot of her stuff) of what I decorate my houses with is from Art Dummy (the other 50% is probably from lisp).

Finally another great skin shop that is closing its doors and what inspired this post, is Dutch Touch.  You have until December 31st to purchase from the inworld store.  Dutch Touch is the skin I wear most often in blog posts and doing whatever I do inworld.

skins:  Skin Within, Ahawi (not sure of availability)
hair:  Clawtooth. Take your Time @Collabor88
top:  Sn@tch, Morgan mesh Flannel shirt

skin:  Dutch Touch, eSmEE-inworld store open until December 31st
sleepware:  Cracked Mirror, Footsie pajamas@the Arcade
hair:  Clawtooth, Elise@the arcade

house:  Nordari, Rain in east Europe (not sure of availability)
bed, side table, rug and wall hanging:  Boho set, Second Spaces
armchair:  Art Dummy, for Winter conversations, Pink @the Arcade
cabinet:  Art Dummy, once Cabinet

poses:  Adorkable and @Zodiac, Brat and Clever
place (in top two pics):  North Pole Village and Santa's Workshop

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Trixi Tiponi said...

I loved SkinWithin and Dutch Touch. I think I'm going to cry a little with them going away.