Tuesday, December 25, 2012

One Last Holiday Post

I decided to do one more holiday post before I pack up all the trees, ornaments, presents, snowmen etc.  I hope everyone had a great Christmas or whatever you celebrate this time of year.  I had a pretty good day-the highlight being that I met 3 infant goats.  They were adorable and it is true what they say, that goats really do frolic.  My friend said they are going to make cheese out of them-the goat milk I mean.  I asked her if she was going to do the milking and she rolled her eyes and pointed to her husband.  I figured because she can't stand to break her nails or have one hair out of place-I can only tolerate her for a couple hours at a time and I'm sure the goats will grow to hate her (I'm so nice!). Anyways, I digress...I thought it would be appropriate to rez the goat from Neon Frog.  

I have a feeling of dread because my computer has been acting up.  SL has never run well on my mac but tonight especially...I couldn't get any good lighting which is why most of these pics seem dark and grey looking (which is nothing new with my sl photo skills). Please save me windlight settings!  And please don't die on me macbook pro!

Yay!  We've almost made it through the holidays!  I plan to hit all the sales tomorrow.  Are you?  I hope I get some great deals.

dress:  *GF*, Group Gift!
hair:  Exile, Sway my Way@Together for Sway
boots:  Schadenfreude, Pitch Leith Boots @Collabor88
pose:  HopScotch, Attitude

tree:  [LeLutka], Very Merry Tree-Group Gift!
chair:  MudHoney, Meredith 
Bah Humbug:  tea soup, Group Gift!
painting:  Remembering Narnia by Chiana Oh @Gallery Gift Shop
vouboo dolls:  Schadenfreude @theArcade
various gift boxes:  Trompe Loeil and Lisp
goat!:  Neon Frog

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