Sunday, December 2, 2012

Grid Talk-Do you tell rl about sl?

Scuse the mess.  I'm getting ready for the holidays.  It's been awhile since I've done a grid talk, exactly two years in fact.  I think this post is more on topic and not quite as stupid as my first grid talk (if you read it, you'll know what I mean).  Grid Talk is just a name I thought of to discuss topics, thoughts or issues in sl.

A couple days ago I discovered that I had lost my ATM card so I spent an hour looking for it, tearing up the house in the process.  I eventually gave up and went to the bank to get a replacement (I realized later that I probably could have done this online or by phone).  So before the teller ordered a replacement, she confirmed with me my last couple of ATM transactions, one of them being $25.00 for Second Life (and yeah, I probably shouldn't be using my bank atm card for online purchases).  I was embarrassed and immediately looked behind me to see if there was anyone in line that I knew that had overheard.  Of course, the teller probably didn't have any idea what Second Life was nor did the people in line (they probably didn't overhear either).

So all this got me thinking about sl, rl and how so few of my rl friends and family know that I "play" (to clarify-I'm using "play" but I but don't think sl is just a game) or use Second Life.  Oh, I've tried to explain it to a few people:  "see you have this avatar and you give them a fictitious name and you can be old or young, animal or human, and you can buy hair, lots of hair, and you can rent land, you can build and design stuff, and hear live music, you can make friends, go to pretty places and blog about all of it!"  Well, actually, I never get past the part about creating the avatar because their eyes glaze over and I end up feeling ashamed.  I remember one conversation specifically with a very close friend who is kind of geeky/nerdy (not that sl is nerdy but whatever).  After I told him about sl his immediate reaction was "ewww-that place" and he then started talking about all the sex stuff that sl is famous for (he had never been inworld).  I didn't feel like explaining that not everyone on sl is a perv or inworld for the sex aspect.

So now, I pretty much don't share sl with anyone in rl.  I guess I'm still a little ashamed even though I limit myself to early morning hours inworld (however, I'm on sometimes during the day).    And I'm not saying that being on sl for more hours or less hours during the day is good or bad.  For me, I can't be inworld that much because I have too many rl obligations.  I've never been an online gaming type of person or online anything (besides facebook).  I came on sl for a very specific reason (if you're interested why-go here).  Sometimes, I come very close to sharing this blog with some rl friends but I always decide against it.  Maybe someday I will.

Do you share sl with your rl?  Does anyone know you "play" sl?  does anyone know you blog or create/build/earn money or role play or whatever you do inworld?  If you do share with rl, what are common reactions?  If you don't share, why not?  Have any of your rl friends created an account and are now inworld because of you?

*and speaking of blogs, I started (and attempting) a fashion/style blog Grid Palette.  We'll see how it goes.  I'm not on any feeds yet because I don't have enough posts.  It's just a way for me to practice my sl photography.

leggings:  *TuttiFrutti*, Cold Mountain
sweater:  Kauna @FaMESHed, Winter Jumpers
hair:  Alice Project, Steph 2, Streaked Blonde-Where in sl is the Concert Hunt2
skin:  Glam Affair, Lilith-Jamaica
makeup:  Zibska, Arley eyeshadow
chair:  Lisp, Snapshot Chair


Anonymous said...

No never,it's just my little escape from stress. I log in and dress my avi...for me that's enough.

beladona said...

Actually, my family is well aware of my 2nd life -- they are in world as well. My friends are aware of it and think I am slightly batty. And yes, I have talked about it in social situations and two co-workers have tried it but never quite got into.

Sasy Scarborough said...

Great post. I have shared my Second Life with everyone I deal with outside of SL. My mum knows all about it, she knows about the fundraising we do here, the creativity, she knows I fashion blog, and that I have had incredible opportunities because of my time here. She also knows I work in Second Life and that I own a sim and what that entails.
Other people know also about hair fair and the other charity events that are held here. Sex is Sex, that stuff happens in RL too...If I am telling someone about SL and they have seen articles or shows depicting it as sexual, I do not let them walk away from the conversation with only that thought. Fight the glaze :) tell them about how we as a community raise tens of thousands of USD a year for charity, that we collaborate all over the world. That some of the content creators have designed items for RL companies and that there have been huge press conferences in world for things such as Die Hard, 300, and Gossip Girl. Let them know about live music venues, and that Duran Duran filmed in world for their opening ceremony act for the Olympics. When you let them know things like that, the sex part fades away.
Don't be embarrassed about your second life ever, because it can enrich and reward, and allows people like you, to be read by people like me, far across the world ♥


Epione Serendipity said...

Thanks for reading and commenting. @beladona-wow, your rl family is inworld as well!? That's great! @Sasy-I totally forgot about all the fundraising that is done inworld. I should mention that next time to rl people. Maybe someday I won't be embarrassed by it all.