Sunday, December 30, 2012

Single Frame Stories-Four Prompts

So, I'm still doing Single Frame Stories.  This is a weekly challenge which you can read about it here.  Basically, there is a new prompt each week that will hopefully inspire you to create a fabulous single frame story.  There is an optional 150 character limit.  Most of the images are from SL but feel free to use any form of expression- drawing, painting, rl photos etc.

I really enjoyed the challenges when they first started back in August but then I felt my inspiration slipping away after the sixth prompt.  I wasn't really happy with several of them.  The ideas were probably good but the execution seemed off to me.  I've only included the stories that I like here.  And btw, I'm on flickr.  Add me.  I'm interesting in seeing your images too.

Challenge 4:  Positive
"At least I have fabulous shoes." 

This was inspired by a flash fiction piece I wrote (and that I'm now submitting to various contests) about a homeless woman who always manages to look at the positives in her life.  In the image above, I showed a young girl who is homeless or obviously down and out.  However, she has one thing in her life she loves and that makes her happy:  her shoes.

Challenge 5:  Little did he/she know
"Little did Vincent know that his paintings
would sell for millions 100 years later."

This is my favorite story that I've done.  When I found out the prompt for this particular week, the above images immediately came to mind.  Van Gogh is someone I admire. He had a pretty sad life and was never appreciated during his lifetime.  I think that if her were alive today he would be shocked to see how much he is admired and respected.  

Challenge 6:  On Top
"It can get Lonely at the Top."

Sometimes fame, money, public adoration is not all it's cracked up to be.  It can indeed get lonely at the top.  

Challenge 8:  Objectification
"A nip here.  A tuck there.
I think I'll just get the full body reconstruction.
Photo taken the day after surgery." 

I did a couple objectifications pics and I didn't really care for any of them.  This one was my take on how women (some women) in our society feel the pressure to always look good, look young, and look thin.  A few of those women go to extremes with plastic surgery.  The pic above is of a woman who decides to get her whole body redone.  It's extreme but we live in extreme times blablabla.

I'll be posting my other four prompts in the next couple days.  Have a happy Sunday!

bodysuit:  Willow (closed)
shoes:  Ison, Miraya Open toe Bootie
hair:  Wasabi Pills, Zoey
skin:  Izzie's, Estella Asylum
homeless box:  Dirty Boxes

Little did Vincent know
pants:  [JP]:dsg, Typhoon
sweater:  (CM):  Timothy Sweater
hat/hair:  *Argrace*, Straw Fedora/Crosby
sunflowers:  *KoW* Flower Garden Shop
painting stuff:  The Occult Shop
van gogh painting:  Bright Corporation

On Top
I have no idea what I'm wearing in this pic.  I think the hair is from Exile though.  I don't know the location either.

bandages:  Wunderlich's Historical Garb (I got this on marketplace but couldn't find it again)
hair:  Clawtooth, Wave Goodbye

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