Sunday, December 19, 2010

epione's Christmas miscellaneous I

I woke up Friday morning with a migraine. Unfortunately, I had to work all weekend (three projects that need to be finished by Monday) so staying in bed was not an option. Btw, if you struggle with migraines and have any unique solutions to stop them or decrease the pain (besides the obvious ones like doing yoga, getting more sleep and going gluten-free), please IM me inworld.

It's almost 48 hours later and I still have a slight migraine but my head is clear enough to realize that it's December 19! I have way too many Christmas items and not enough days left to blog about them. Yeah, I could always save them for next year but who knows where I'll be in December 2011. And come to think of it, what will Second Life be like a year from now? LL has gotten rid of last names so who knows what the future holds for this crazy place. Anyways, I don't want all my lindens to go to waste so I'll just put a bunch of stuff into one blog post and hopefully by December 25, I will have used all my holiday goodies in some way or another.

I found these adorable doll type figures from an awesome store, Never You Mind, and I was excited to blog about something I haven't seen on all the feeds. However, after I bought almost every damn doll in the store, I started seeing them everywhere inworld. Oh well. There are snowboys, snowmen, reindeer and other assorted cuties most of which animate in some way.

Speaking of awesome stores, the bench is from Awesome Blossom and comes with texture changes and 6 sit animations.

I bought the cookie table back in November, before Thanksgiving. [Tuft]
was having a great sale on their Christmas animations and I bought them all (can you see a pattern here?). I've been sucked into making cookies again this year which will ruin my continued effort to go gluten and sugar free. It's hard to do this during the holidays since everywhere you turn, someone is handing you something made with wheat. Even my dentist gave me a loaf of pumpkin bread! Hey, I thought dentists were supposed to deter you from sugary treats?

Anyways, I do love making cookies because people always love them when they recieve them. Let's face it, there is no good deed that isn't selfish. Can you think of one? I make my cookies ghetto style (a term I learned in fashion school). I don't have a mixer. I grow my own wheat, churn my own butter and raise chickens for the eggs. *Just kidding, just kidding**. But I honestly don't have a mixer, so I have to stir the dough myself which is great for upper arm strength.

The teal coat I'm wearing is from MNK*Shop and comes in three styles. Isn't it fabulous? Magika has some great hairstyles out right now and actually, when I first came on SL, Magika was one of the first hair shops I went to. Each of their new styles comes with a mirrored image which is very cool and the optional "hair in mouth" look. I'm not a big hair chewer. No, I have other annoying habits.

I hope everyone has a great Sunday! And for those of you who are a day ahead of us, have a great Monday (and Bob's your uncle)!

comet, snowboys etc.: Never You Mind
bench: Awesome Blossom
Making the Cookies: [Tuft]
gingerbread house: Marketplace

small pine trees: {What Next}
camel: Neon Frog
wreath/santa hat: Epiphanies
rudolph poof: Belle Belle Furniture

coat: MNK*Shop, Ruffle_Coat(green)**nikukyu**sw
jeans: **DP**yumyum, Jeans 02
boots: Reek, Autumn Boots
hair: Magika, Natalie


Kit Jordan said...

Hi there! I also get migraines that last for days. Its important to keep track of your triggers - pay attention to what you had eaten or how much sleep you had gotten and even what the weather was when the migraine stikes. You probably know about the common food triggers (red wine, chocolate, aspartame, hard cheeses, anything containing nitrates). But I also wanted to let you know that glutens have absolutely nothing to do with migraines. I don't know where you heard that but the only reason you would need to avoid glutens is if you have Celiac's disease. Glutens are not bad for you, nor do they cause migraines. Another thing some people don't know is that barometric pressure can trigger migraines. Unfortunately we have no control over that.

When I feel a migraine coming on, the first thing I do is take a prescription migraine medication (such as Treximet, Maxalt, or Zomig) along with 2 Extra Strength Excedrin. Sometimes I can't catch it early enough or the meds just don't do the trick for whatever reason. To help deal with the pain the only two non-medication methods I've found helpful is taking a hot shower and holding an ice pack to my head. I hope this helped! I know how horrible migraines are.... I wish you health!

Epione Serendipity said...

Thanks for your ideas Kit-very much appreciated! I went off of wheat because it was suggested to me by my doctors as a possible migraine trigger. I tested negative for Celiac though.

Hot showers, yoga, massage and magnesium definitely help me. Migraines are so awful. Thankfully, I don't get as many as I used to. Here's to good health!

Clementine said...

The bench looks adorable with all all of your other finds! Thank you for the bloggage. :D