Wednesday, December 15, 2010


This is the most lindens I've spent on a Color Challenge. It was also a little frustrating (but in a different way than sepia). Do you know when you get a prefab or some small building and the creator warns you to be careful when you open it because the objects are linked? Yeah, be careful with that! I rezzed this amazing little cabaret stage and when I tried to rotate it, everything came unlinked. I thought I had everything linked (I was edit mode) but no, I didn't :=\. And there are about 12 objects that form the cabaret so it was very easy to miss one.

So if the scene looks a little funky, well, it's because it is! I tp'd back and forth to the place I got it from and my land. I also took pictures but try as I may, I couldn't put humpty dumpty back together again. Finally I just threw all the objects in haphazardly!

I need to learn how to build so I can make my own little cabaret scenes. Maybe that should be one of my goals for the New Year.

dress: un Jour, insomnia Dress
hair: Clawtooth, Breathe Me
shoes: un Jour, *insomnia* shoes
necklace: Ripe, Gold Mamacita

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