Monday, December 13, 2010


Let's get right to it. I've had a crappy week. No, I'm not a starving child in Africa. I don't have a fatal disease but can I have a bad day or week or year and feel...just sad? And just so you know, I do think about the starving children in Africa. I volunteer year-round not just during the holidays (I needed you to know this for some reason).

So what's the basis for all this angst? People, relationships...does it ever get any easier? When I solve one problem with someone it seems that another situation always pops up. And I can't just ignore it and run away from these obstacles. I used to do that but not now. No more. No way. The latest thang is a power play I'm having with a woman that for some reason has a deep dislike of me. She's almost a bully in her actions and words towards me. I'm not a child anymore. And she's definintely too old to be bullying (is 50 too old to be a bully? maybe not). She has MS and is in pain most of the time which is no excuse to be an angry mean bitch. And in my defense, if she didn't have MS, I think she would still be angry, still be mean and definitely still be a bitch! I almost confronted her months ago but she was going through this cancer scare and me being me, which is someone who genuinely cares about other people, I put it off.

But I'm ready to go off on her this week if necessary and I might just video it and put on youtube! When I blow up, people in my rl tell me it's a blast to watch (some have even called it sexy). I don't go off on people often but when I do, it's like Mount St Helens eruptus. My problem is that I wait to long to deal with these situations and my anger builds and builds and builds which isn't good either. But hey, I'm working through it.

The other angst*sigh*. Enough said. So painful. Like someone has ripped every ounce of your heart and soul and put them both down a deep dark hole, never to be found again. Sometimes hugging a teddybear really helps.

Enough angst. On to happier stuff. I logged on tonight and started sorting through all my holiday/Christmas stuff. I have lots but unlike Halloween where I managed to build a small inventory of about 200 items but never did a final decoration, I am determined to have a holiday theme on my land! As you can see, I have started quite a decent collection but it's already December 12 and my land basically looks like a junk yard not a lovely Christmas scene.

Hey, do you see the purple tree in the background? Purple fake trees are out-of-stock at both the Walmart and BigLots near me. There goes my plans for a whimsical Christmas.

When I finished sorting through my closet (inventory), I got out of my footsie pjs (footsie pjs are amazing in both lives!) and went shopping for all things fabulous! I started at Has Been which is having an awesome red sale (50-75% off) on selected items through Friday, December 17. I love Terrie Dreadlow's style-a mixture of vintage, funk, goth, punk with some elegance and beauty thrown in. I bought some items that had a holiday type feel to them.

I've been looking for a winter/holiday type of cabin or cottage but haven't found one yet so I decided to get the next best thing.  Something that always puts a smile on my face (and boy do I need one)- Gingerbread Houses! I bought four of them which I'll be sharing throughout December. This one is called the Gingerbread House by *LS* and can be found at the marketplace.

We will get through the  holidays unscathed. And the New Year always brings new beginnings, new ideas and new goals. Here's to unlimited potential in 2011!

pajamas: ((:Bleh:)), FabFree Xmas Shopping Tour
dress: Has Been, Margie in Black/Burgandy
hair: Clawtooth, Sugar Biscuit
gingerbread house: marketplace

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