Saturday, December 25, 2010

PreFaaaabulous! (1)

My name is Epione Serendipity and I'm a prefab whore! This didn't happen overnight, mind you. No, it took me several years to figure out that I should be renting land, and not renting existing plots with already established houses. I kept seeing and wanting all these great homes on the blogs so about three months ago I found my own little piece of skyland.

The first house I want to share with you is the SeaFair Cottage by Liz Gealach from Thistle. How do I love Thistle? Let me count the ways-one, two, no, four-I have four houses from Thistle! If you like sweet, whimsical homes with a cottage feel to them then I highly recommend Liz Gealach's creations.

The SeaFair is a beautiful two story cottage with a soft blue exterior and yellows and blues on the interior. There is more than enough room to satisfy all of your decor desires but keep in mind that it's 231 prims. Here I am playing Chopin on a beautiful piano by Maar Auer. Can you believe I actually forgot that I even had a piano?!? I'll get my inventory organized someday.

The living room space is huge so you can totally separate and design different areas for whatever interests you. I'm showing off some holiday finds including the Cozy Nook set from Second Spaces.

I've always liked the little alcoves that you find underneath stairs. When I was little, I had one of these nooks in my house. I used to hide there and read ghost stories. The white tree and chairs are from {What Next}. I grew up having a fake white Christmas tree and I loved it! The only reason I looked forward to Thanksgiving is because I knew the next day we would put up the white tree.

Here is another great cookie making set from Just My Imagination. My cookie frenzy will start on December 26. I will be making chocolate chip, oatmeal (without raisins!), peanut butter, lemon and pecan, chocolate brownie, snickerdoodle and some sort of ginger concoction. In the background is the sanded wood dining room set by [croire].

My favorite part of the SeaFair is a space upstairs that I made into an artist type loft. I love to paint and draw and it would be so awesome to have my own studio...someday. The blue woodcutter patchwork chair is from one of my favorite shops, LISP.

The bedroom area was a great space for me to display the owl decal, another find from [croire]. Yes, that is a chinchilla from Neon Frog, sitting on the couverture ichacora bed.

There is a great upstairs back deck too!

It's December 25 so that means it's Christmas! I hope you have a wonderful holiday and please enjoy these last few days of 2010!

dress 1: Wretched Dollies, Candy Cane
dress 2: Wretched Dollies, Winter Angel
hair 1: Vanity Hair, Holy Night Special (group gift)
hair 2: Vanity Hair, Vanity Umber (group gift)
poses: Clique, Starry Eyed set

house and garden
house: Thistle, SeaFair Cottage
piano: Maar Auer, Concert Grand Piano

living room area: Second Spaces, Cozy Nook set in blue

alcove area: {What Next}, white tree, presents and cosy slipper chairs

Just My Imagination, On a Christmas Day cookie making set
[croire], Sanded Wooded set
plants: MBMO

artist loft:
LISP, Patchwork Woodcutter Chair
Second Spaces, Drafting Table
BP*, Canvas and Eazel

bedroom area:
couverture, ichacora bed
[croire], Owl decal
Neon Frog, chinchilla
Artilleri Home, TV Time
*Tatty Soup*, The Bibs Chair Faded in pink and turquoise

Facts, Elise
MBMO, Snowman with black top hat
Never You Mind, Mr Snowman
GG's Home and Garden, plaid snowman


Anonymous said...

great post :) let's trade blogrolls!

Epione Serendipity said...

Thanks Emily! I added you to my blogroll. You make great stuff : )

Liz Gealach said...

WOW!! Fantastic post, thank you for the wonderful review. I'm so glad your enjoining the Seafair Cottage!

Epione Serendipity said...

Thank you so much Liz-that means a lot coming from you! I'll be featuring more of your homes in 2011 : )

Emerald Wynn said...

I loved this post. You do a beautiful job of being an interior and exterior design guide! I have so much crap in my front yard that I don't have any prim allowance left for furniture. (Oops)